Brand new top and base coat

To complete the new range from GellifiQue® for our valued UK customers we are also introducing a brand new top and base coat as well as an acid-free primer.
These products will assist you in preparing the nail plate for the gel polish application by eliminating air pockets,  creating an even surface to which the gel polish is to be applied and sealing the color for long-lasting results.
Pro Acid Free Primer
Eliminates air pockets, helps to fight bacteria and helps in overal adherance of gel polish to the nail plate.
Pro Ultra Strong Base
A more dense formula than the original base coat, perfect for creating a durable surface on soft or damaged nails.
Pro Dry Top Coat
A glossy top coat protecting your gel manicure from chipping and surface scratches.
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50% off New Arrivals

FALL 2017
Our UK collection  “GellifiQue Professional” arrived in store last week.
The new formula comes in a larger size (15ml) and 50 brand new shades. The shades have been hand-picked for the new collection and there are no duplicates of these in our original product line (12 ml) .
The new formula in “GellifiQue Professional” is thicker in consistency compared to our original collection and has a creamy texture. This long-lasting colour delivers flawless results in just 2 coats.
Try a sample from out HALF PRICE sale today (limited colours) or apply your PRO 10% discount and choose your favorite color from the whole range.
(more colours are to be added later this month)
New Collection
Shimmery plum
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Shimmery mahogany red
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Intense navy blue
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