When it comes to themed holidays it’s better to be prepared in advance as come October 1st all of a sudden everybody will be demanding pumpkins and witches. We hope you will like our Halloween inspired sets. 
Let’s begin with the standard “Trick or Treat”. Pumpkin orange with the Mexican inspired Dia de Muertos sticker and of course the menacing ‘haha’ present in every scary movie. 
Childs play has never been quite so scary with the release of IT (we’ve been too scared to see the new version as the original movie gave us enough sleepless nights already). These fun colors turn creepy fast with the evil clown.
Are you slaying vampires this Halloween? Then the ultra-popular 90s tv show character “Buffy” commonly known as the “Vampire Slayer” will come in handy.



Its an “Oldie but a Goldie’! GellifiQue UV/LED Blooming Gel has been created to effortlessly achieve nail designs such as: marble, natural stone, watercolour, floral print, tie dye, gradients and more!HEMA free

Here is a quick product checklist:

  • Clear gel, can be applied over any base colour
  • UV and LED Curable. UV = 120 seconds, LED = 30 secondsSize: 15ml / 0.50oz

1. Apply a thin coat over base or color gel, do not cure.
2. Apply color gel onto desired area, over uncured blooming gel. Allow time for color gel to disperse for blooming effect.
3. Cure with LED lamp for 30 seconds, or UV lamp for 2 mins.
4. Seal off with gel topcoat and cure.

Quick Tip: Works best with colour gels that are low in viscosity but solid in colors, each type or brand of gel may bloom differently.

Seashell 3D Nail design

A great time of year to experiment with some beach themed nail art designs and bright almost neon shades from our collections. Coral shades are a perfect alternative for those of you who love a traditional red manicure.

How gorgeous is our “Seashell” set?! Coral shade number 1557  was selected as a primary color and the seashell design was completed with hard gel color infill and finished with a Matte Top Coat]

Shade number 1557 – £3.65

Matte Top Coat – £4.55

Floral Nail designs


Although spring is long gone floral patterns are definitely still around judging by the latest collections at almost all high street retailers particularly at #Zara where so many denim jackets and skirts have gorgeous floral #patchwork.

We are definitely feeling this trend, however, we added a little twist to this look  by doing our floral # nailart design with  black and neon yellow.




Fruit Nail Art

Summer equals sun, fruit and the beach. If you are unfortunately still stuck at the office you can get your summer vibes going with a funky fruit manicure.

At GellifiQue® we played around with kiwis, strawberry and watermelon designs. Don’t they look good enough to eat?! For more inspiring designs with our range of UV/LED gel polishes come and check out our #Instagram page  gellifique_gel_colour or on our web site http://www.buy.gellifique.co.uk


Unicorn Frappucino Nails

Unicorn frappucinos have created a number of traits in the beauty industry in particular in the hair and nail sectors.

Bright pink and purple shades with blue swirls are a most colorful and bold trait in S/S 2017.  We have selected some colors by #gellifique demonstrated below that can be used to replicate this trending look

Trending Nail Shapes


Alike with many other things nowaday in fashion and beauty industry “natural ” is always a hit. Naturally glowing skin with makeup, facial contouring or sunkissed hair with balayage. Whatever you choose the key is to make it your own or to quote Maybelline  “born with it” and avoid looking like it’s in fact fake.

The same trend in 2017 applies to the nail industry both the length and shape should remain natural. Ideally, we are talking of a length not exceeding 2-3 mm, elongation of the free edge can be made up to 5 mm.

This trend is great for those of you who prefer to sticking to gel nail polish alone and avoid nail extensions. Although builder gel is a great option for shorter nails too as it creates a very durable base for gel polish application and makes your nail super resistant to breaking.

The shape of the nails most suited to this shorter nail trend is oval or almond-shaped. If you are a huge fan of a square shape than ‘squoval’ or also known as a ‘soft square’ shape is definitey for you. 


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Spring Trends

Lovely Ladies,

We are loving all of the  GellifiQue® tags we have been getting on our Instagram page.  We love to see all of your creative designs and inspired looks using our soak off gel polish formula. We are always happy to answer your questions so done hesitate to get in touch.

Inspired by all of your recent work we thought we would share some of our favourite looks from the New York Fashion week Spring 2017. Perhaps there is something that will catch your eye for your next design

Graphic Nail Art from Rebecca Minkoff Collection in a cherry red and pale nude colours. Can be recreated with GellifiQue red wine number 005 and Marshmallow nude tone in 1345

Nail Artist Alicia Torello created a Cubist-inspired nail art design for the brand called Novist. This nail art can be recreated with 2 of our shades. With a navy blue shade number 1029 and number 002 in a baby blue colour from the GellifiQue “Cool Blue” collection

We are absolutely in love with this design, everything from the nail shape to the design itself … Created by manicurist Alicia Torello. This look can be easily recreated with our “Nude” and “Marshmallow” collections


Kind Regards,