GellifiQue® Original New Look

Our GellifiQue® Original product line now has a brand new look. Still in the same great size (12 ml) but with an easy grip lid. The new bottle is matte black with a beautiful holographic print finish. 

All of our 500+ colours will now be sold in these brand new bottles. However, our top and base coats for this range will remain in the square bottles.

Let’s talk a little bit about GellifiQue® Original product line and its key features:

Name: GellifiQue® Original Collection

Product Type: UV/LED gel polish

Formula: Hybrid UV/LED gel polish vs GellifiQue® Professional which is a 100% gel formula 


  • 500 + colours including special ranges such as one step gel colours, brocade, magnetic, thermogenic, 3D, hybrid, platinum and many others
  • base coat
  • matte top coat
  • 2 types of top coats with and without inhibition layer


Coverage: our products have 3 types of coverage opaque, semi-opaque and clear. Check the description next to the selected colour to check its coverage type.

Price:  Prices start at £3.45 inc. your professional discount

Location: International Warehouse

Delivery: UK, EU, Wordwide

To find out more about a range of our products visit our website or our Instagram account @gellifique_gel_colour