GellifiQue promotions…

We have numerous ongoing promotions and it can be a little confusing to remember them all! To ensure you take advantage of all of these every time you shop with us please keep on reading.
Thank you!
Your Standard PRO discount 10%
This discount is available to all nail technicians which have contacted us by email at and sent us a copy of their certificate.
This discount is ONGOING and available without a time limit.
Monday Blues 5% off 
This discount is available every Monday or Sunday after midnight and is available in conjunction with available discounts. So on Mondays, our Pro range customers like yourself can get up to 15% off across all the colors. Doesn’t that really banish Mondays Blues indeed!?
Go shop!
More is better a.k.a. Volume Discounts
This offer is often dismissed as surely this is just a plot to encourage you to buy more?!! 😉
On the contrary, this is a great way to really get more for your money!
In most cases, by purchasing just one more bottle you can benefit from up to 30% off or more!
Take a look at details!
FREE Delivery
Free delivery applies on orders over £15.
First trial orders often include just a few bottles, which is, of course, fair enough!
However, if you have a friend looking to try our range encourage them to buy 5 bottles instead of 4!
So instead of saving 0.15p. as they are still paying £3.50 for delivery they get to try out one more color from our huge color range instead!
Read more about delivery!
Friend Referalls 
Our newly available function located in your account!! Do you have a friend who is complaining about their current choice of gel polish brands…wink* .. wink*..nudge* nudge* …?!
Select the “Friend Referral” option in your account and get a 5% off for your friend and 5% off for yourself for your brand loyalty of course!
Go to my account!
We boast 1000 various colours to choose from so just head to our online store and pick your favorite hue!  Make sure you don’t forget to apply for your 10% PRO discount by registering on our website, mentioning your salon/mobile/home etc name to us.
1. Simply go to
2. Register with us
3. Check out your account and look at friend referral options
4. Check out available offers this month
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