Its an “Oldie but a Goldie’! GellifiQue UV/LED Blooming Gel has been created to effortlessly achieve nail designs such as: marble, natural stone, watercolour, floral print, tie dye, gradients and more!HEMA free

Here is a quick product checklist:

  • Clear gel, can be applied over any base colour
  • UV and LED Curable. UV = 120 seconds, LED = 30 secondsSize: 15ml / 0.50oz

1. Apply a thin coat over base or color gel, do not cure.
2. Apply color gel onto desired area, over uncured blooming gel. Allow time for color gel to disperse for blooming effect.
3. Cure with LED lamp for 30 seconds, or UV lamp for 2 mins.
4. Seal off with gel topcoat and cure.

Quick Tip: Works best with colour gels that are low in viscosity but solid in colors, each type or brand of gel may bloom differently.

Trending Nail Shapes


Alike with many other things nowaday in fashion and beauty industry “natural ” is always a hit. Naturally glowing skin with makeup, facial contouring or sunkissed hair with balayage. Whatever you choose the key is to make it your own or to quote Maybelline  “born with it” and avoid looking like it’s in fact fake.

The same trend in 2017 applies to the nail industry both the length and shape should remain natural. Ideally, we are talking of a length not exceeding 2-3 mm, elongation of the free edge can be made up to 5 mm.

This trend is great for those of you who prefer to sticking to gel nail polish alone and avoid nail extensions. Although builder gel is a great option for shorter nails too as it creates a very durable base for gel polish application and makes your nail super resistant to breaking.

The shape of the nails most suited to this shorter nail trend is oval or almond-shaped. If you are a huge fan of a square shape than ‘squoval’ or also known as a ‘soft square’ shape is definitey for you. 


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