New! builder gel vs biab

With the arrival of NEW! Hard gel colours there has been much deliberation 🤔 from our customers as to what to go for now that we are expanding our Advance Hard Gel range.
Lets take a look at Hard Gel vs BIAB and see what to go for next time for all your gel sculpting needs.


BIAB aka builder gel in a bottle

Gellifique® has two options, one to gently strengthen the nails and one for a short, sculpted extension.

  • £8.89 / £9.89 / 15 gr
  • soak off
  • 20-30 services
  • 2+ weeks
  • great for natural overlays and short extensions
  • quick application straight out of the bottle

ADVANCE Hard Builder Gel

Also available in two options; sculpting and builder gel. Today we are discussing the Builder Gel range.

  • £22.50 / 50 gr
  • file off
  • 40-60 services
  • 3 - 4 weeks
  • medium to long extensions
  • great for clients with thin, damaged, peeling nails
  • stronger nail corners compared to BIAB


Our Verdict

☆ APEX GEL. If you mainly work with gel polish clients and need an additional BIAB service due to its popularity then go for the Apex Gel Strengthen. Its easy textured formula applies in two coats. Our Apex Gel Strengthen formula is available in semi sheer and full coverage colours. For something a bit harder wearing or if you are looking to use a "bead sculpting" method then 👉🏻 Apex Gel Extend.

☆ HARD GEL. If you mainly work with sculpted nails then the hard gel option is far better wearing, more appropriate for medium to long extensions and cheaper per service. For suuuuper long and strong nails as well as for clients with severe sensitivity to heat spikes associated with traditional gel formulas Acrylic Gel is your go to.

Spring / summer new arrivals 2022

We are super excited to offer a preview of our Spring / Summer Limited Edition colour collection due to launch this month.
The collection was inspired by currently trending shades in fashion; sizzling pink, Bottega Veneta green, Cerulian blue and bright , bold yellow.

All new colours due to launch week of May 16 2022.


Hello that , perfect shade of mauve! You have been asking for THIS colour since we discontinued it in 2017 and after so many of you asking for it at the Beauty Olympia , London show we went back to the drawing board and decided to bring it back in.


That bold shade of blue that all of you love about Cobalt but in a summer appropriate - shade in Cerulian blue.


An upbeat, inky blue with a hint of purple. if you love Britannica this is the summer version.


The launch of Bora Bora last year has sent you guys raving about this hue and we have sold out of it in a week. So, as usual we are here to deliver! We predict Cerise to become another staple favourite alongside Malibu and Neon Margarita.


Love dark pink? Meet that go to shade for the darkest berry pink.


Oh Bottega Venetta green you are to blame for the love of all green shades thats been booming since last year. Wearing green is not for everyone but this is literally the IT colour of the season. Are you brave enough?


All of you love Daffodil and thats why we always have it in stock. Well ... meet it's delightful companion Buttercup! The brightest, happiest yellow in our honey like formula that applies streak - free!

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Industry regulations update

Changes in the Cosmetic Regulations

Updates in Commission Regulation (EU) 2020/1682, of November 12, 2020, will restrict HEMA and Di-HEMA TMHDC in cosmetic products (under Annex III of (EC) 1223/2009).

The regulation will become effective on December 2, 2020, the 20th day following its publication.

From June 3, 2021, products containing these substances and not complying with those conditions shall not be placed on the Union market.

From September 3, 2021, products containing that substance and not complying with those conditions shall not be made available on the Union market.

These changes include:

Wording of conditions of use and warnings: For professional use only. Can cause an allergic reaction.

Should you avoid HEMA?

(Ref: Safety and Efficacy of Nail Products , 2017, authors H. Arora and A. Tosti)

A retrospective study reviewed 87 patients who worked as nail cosmetologists and found that 47.1% of these patients reacted to at least one methacrylate, with the most common being 2-HEMA, 2-HPMA, and HEA [58]. Furthermore, in studying 55 females with exposure to artificial nails as consumers and in the workplace, Lazarov described that distant sites such as the forearms,the dorsal hands and fingers, and the face and neck, were more often involved in occupational ACD.Women with occupational exposure also tended to have more chronic dermatitis, although lichenified and psoriasi form dermatitis were also identified [52]. The distribution of eczematous lesions wasechoed by DeKoven et al., however periorbital, facial, neck, lower extremity, and dorsal foot eruptions were found to be significantly less common than eczema of the dorsal hands, fingers, and forearms [59].

The most common allergens identified were 2-HEMA and 2-HPMA with over one-fourth of the patients also positively reacting to ethyl cyanoacrylate in the artificial nail glue [52]. Worsening of pre-existing asthma, new-onset asthma, and rhinitis [50] in nail technicians has also been observed. Two women who were sensitized to methacrylate monomers, both developed cough, rhinitis, wheezing, and shortness of breath, especially during exposure to sculptured nails at work.

Is HEMA Safe?

In short, yes. HEMA is a widely used form of Acrylates in the nail industry and is considered to be safe by the SCCS (EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety) in concentrations of up to 35% and 99% respectively when used in topically applied UV-cured artificial nail modelling systems and applied correctly to the nail plate only and avoiding all contact with adjacent skin. (Ref: SCCS/1592/17 Published 2018).

Although, there is much speculation in the nail industry today regarding the reasons behind the wide spread of contact dermatitis and other nail health issues many years of independent research* concerned with the issues of Health and Safety of dominant users as well as allergy patch testing by medical personnel clearly demonstrate that for nail enhancement products to be safe there are 3 crucial steps to follow:

  1. Products must be formulated to avoid sensitivity
  2. Products must be applied according to manufacturers guidelines
  3. Products must be restricted for professional use only ( individuals which are trained in application of these products and are educated in the Health and Safety measures when working with chemicals)

Why Gellifique® UV/LED curable gel system is HEMA Free?

We strive to offer an alternative system to clients suffering from existing allergies to the above mentioned substances. Our products are formulated to avoid sensitivities yet deliver all the properties of a high quality UV/LED curable gel system. We feel our customers benefit from a win - win combination.

Beauty olympia offers / passes

If you are wondering how to get to the event of the year for beauty professionals we have created a dedicated page on our website with all the key information.


There is only 2 weeks left before the first professional beauty event takes please since 2019. This is a perfect opportunity to meet and greet the companies you have been investing in for the past couple of years and with almost every company running a promotional deal during the event you are bound to score some bargains for your salon!

Event address

The Grand Hall, Olympia
Hammersmith Road, Kensington
W14 8UX

Event dates

Sunday 3rd October: 10am – 6pm
Monday 4th October: 10am – 5pm



This year, the organisers of the event require proof of COVID status upon entry for everyone. For residents in England, this can be shown via the NHS App or COVID Pass and can be one of the following:

  • Proof of double vaccination, with the second at least 14 days prior to the event.
  • A negative NHS Lateral Flow Test, taken on the same day you are visiting the show. This will last for 48 hours, so you may need to re-test if you are attending both days.
  • Natural immunity, based on a positive PCR test within 180 days of the show.


We are so excited to launch our brand new acrylic, branded gel polish stands (fits 100 units) and the new full size Gellifique® Pro Cure UV/LED lamp at the event. Make sure to create an account on our website prior to the event to grab yourself a Gellifique® goodybag and have access to other offers and discounts on the day.


Create an account with Gellifique® (make sure to upload your professional certificate)
Register for your Beauty Olympia Pass

All about primer

To prep and prime the natural nail for product application we recommend using a product that enhances adhesion of nail products to the natural nail and a cleansing solution which has properties to dehydrate the natural nail to remove natural oils which can cause product lifting.


  • for application of Gellifique Apex Gel - Extend, Builder Gel, Sculpting Gel and Acrylic Gel
  • to etch the Gellifique Precision Quick Tips
  • to create smooth edges when using water decals


Primers are notorious for being irritating so we are glad to offer an option that does not contain HEMA or p - hydroxyanisole. Acid free primers have a number of advantages over primers containing acids, the most important advantages are:

  • less skin irritation (burning, stinging sensations as well as itching)
  • less odour

Pro Tip! Did you know that most primers and bonders loose their properties if the container is not closed correctly? So make sure to close the cap quickly and tightly after each product application.


Get Gellifique Acid Free Primer for just £2.99 instead of £9.89 when you spend £100 on Staleks drill bits, cuticle pushers / nippers or other accessories. This offer is also valid on any of the organic creams, soaps or scrubs from the Natura Siberica range.


An Acid Free Primer is sometimes also called Ultra Bond or double sided sticky tape. An acid free primer leaves a sticky residue that adheres perfectly to the natural nail plate and at the same time provides a perfect grip of the nail products applied, thereby acting as a double sided sticky tape.


The main function of a primer is to create microscopic dents in the natural nail to improve product adhesion. Therefore, it is very important to follow these tips for application:

  • avoid all contact with skin
  • applying too much product reduces its adhesive properties
  • nail enhancement products will follow the 'primer trail' so if your primer ran into the lateral nail folds make sure to clean it up prior to product application. Use a silicone tool or a lint free wipe
  • do not apply primer over the same areas repeatedly as this will lead to nail damage


This product ensure the nail surface is clean from debris as well as oils and other residues which can reduce product adhesion. The primary component of most dehydrators on the market today is Isopropyl Alcohol thus, using a multi purpose product like Gellifique Antiseptic Surface is a more cost effective option.



  1. once you have prepped the cuticle area and shaped your natural nail
  2. spray a lint free wipe with the Antiseptic Surface Spray and cleanse well the natural nail and cuticles
  3. follow with the Acid Free Primer avoiding all skin contact and applying all over the natural nail (sweep once over each area)
  4. leave for a few seconds to dry
  5. apply a Gellifique Microcrystal or Rubber Base coat

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Are you ready for fall 2021?

Have you ever wondered how new collection are selected?

Each season the team at Gellifique® re - examines its collection and looks for ways to enhance it, by ensuring that our customers are able to offer a colour chart to their clients that every, single client will love to pick colours from at their appointment.

We normally do this by looking at various colour groups and selecting hues that we are still missing as well as monitoring what the latest colour trends are. However, we never launch a colour simply because it is trending on social media or because our competitors have launched it.

The reason for this is that many "trending" colours are simply not flattering on many skin tones (particularly around this time of the year) and most importantly some of them may not be very safe. We know where each component that makes up our products comes from and so introducing a product that has a brand new type of glitter ( as seen trending on Instagram or TikTok) is simply too much research on our end to bother with for the sake of 5 colours that your clients will want to wear once for a Halloween party. We all know which colours we are referring to :) ....

To demonstrate how well the new colours fit into the existing Gellifique® colour pallette, we have selected 7 colour categories and swatched them into 6 colour pops creating a beautiful gradient.

We hope you find these swatches a useful colour guide when updating your collection for Fall 2021.

shop all new arrivals now

From milky nude to soft beige our collection is made up of 20 classic colours . New arrivals are Almond Oil and Cafe Au Latte.

There can never be enough pink for your clients is there?? This season we launched - Rose Tan which fits in beautifully in the pastel colour group of pink hues. There are 27 products in this colour group at Gellifique®.

From soft beige to dark chocolate this 13 shade colour range at Gellifique® is ultra chic. The new colour Sandstone is a completely new , ultra flattering milk chocolate shade with its warm undertones.

Camo and military green is so in this season. Our brand new shade Jet Setter and Cool Camo compliment beautifully our existing range consisting of 18 shades.

All year round this colour category is always in demand and our new arrival Lavender is a stunner with no competition. 19 colours in this range.

A colour range that is very hard to fill with flattering colours. We think we have done a pretty good job so far and our new editions - Zest, Samba and Poppy are ultra flattering and so hot off the runway.

The easiest colour range to expand in our opinion as wine red is such a beautiful colour group that everyone adores. We anticipate the new arrivals - Exuberance and Vogue will be as popular as our top sellers Desire and Vino in this range.

Revive and rejuvenate with organic skin care

Pamper your clients this Festive season with a range of UK certified organic scrubs, butters and lotions with their delicate, natural fragrances and active ingredients.

We recommend opting for a skincare brand that is free of mineral oils and colourants that through prolonged skin contact can cause irritation.


Protect Your Hands From The Cold


Wild Siberian Pine extract strengthens the skin and protects it from wind, dryness and cold. Organic Arctic Flax Oil provides a calming effect, softens the skin and intensely nourishes it.

Also available in a smaller size of 75 ml to protect your hands on the go.

De - Stress With A Foot Bath

The perfect foot bath salt for your clients in this weather. Enriched with healing Calendula and Argan oil.


more foot care products

Warm Up With a Scrub

A "delicious treat" for your clients spa manicure or pedicure. Choose one of the new arrivals from the organically certified brand Organic Shop®.


Gently awaken sleeping skin, embracing your senses with exotic fragrances.Cocoa butter moisturises and nourishes skin while organic vanilla and hazelnut tone it. Hot pepper extract warms up and highlights the appearance of the skin, making skin smoother and more supple.


This very gentle formula will smooth your skin to perfection while shipping your senses off to paradise. Almond oil and milk protein deeply moisturize your skin, while organic honey and organic wheat germ oil encourage and boost the process of your skin natural regeneration.

An Oldie But A Goodie

Two popular organic hand mask treatments for your clients will come in handy with the cold weather outdoors and central heating indoors ; the two culprits for chapped lips and super dry skin in the winter months.


Deeply nourishes and moisturises dry skin, restoring softness and comfort all day long. Protects your hands from drying out and helps to keep them soft and supple. Hydrolysed Wheat protein deeply nourishes, promotes the synthesis of collagen.


Frost Berries Nourishing Hand Mask has been specially designed for intensive nutrition and hand care. Active ingredients, with highly conditioning properties, explicitly regenerate, deeply nourish and improve the skin protective abilities. This hand mask will help to keep your hands in perfect condition and protect against environmental factors while reducing the feeling of roughness and soothing irritations. As the result, the skin preserves strength and a healthy look.

more hand care products

Time to update your uv/led lamp?

We were so pleased to see how many of your were excited to get your hands on our new PRO CURE Lamp at Beauty Olympia in London this month.

NOW ONLY £52.50

An essential product in every salon. Responsibly sourced and manufactured Gellifique® Pro Cure UV/LED nail lamp cures the Gellifique® gel polish in 30 seconds (with correct application) and Gellifique® enhancement products in 60 seconds (with correct application).

Technical Specifications

  • UV/LED curing
  • 48W
  • Removable lower tray for pedicure
  • 4 timer settings
  • Timer memory function
  • Low heat setting
  • Digital display
  • 36 LEDS
  • UK Plug


Whats in the box

  • 1 Pro Cure UV/LED Lamp
  • 1 UK socket Cable
  • 1 User Manual (warranty is included)

Please check our Terms and Conditions for the included warranty with this product

Why select our device

It can be confusing choosing a lamp as prices for the same model range from £120 - £35. A popular expression of "not all that glitters is gold" is very applicable when considering a lamp to be used with your gel system. The Gellifique® system cures perfectly with a lamp that has the following specifications:

  • UV/LED nail lamp
  • Wavelength of 365nm x 405nm
  • 48W

However, unfortunately finding a reliable supplier for UV/LED gel lamps is becoming increasingly difficult due to Brexit and other restrictions on transportation. Thus, rest assured that our manufacturers deliver products as per their technical specifications.

Important! Please note based on your salon service time and device usage; the device may have to be replaced every 3-6 month period. Please use your professional expertise to determine when the device needs to be replaced.

Other essentials in this range

Gellifique® Pro Cure Mini is now also on offer for a limited time only. It might be small but it is mighty powerful. Perfect for flash curing your tip system. Available in the Precision Quick Tips Set


Save with colour sets

Gellifique® colour sets have been created to save you time and money. Our colour experts have carefully selected colours that compliment one another and will look great as a gradient or stylish combined with other nail art elements such as water decals or freehand nail art.

Our gel polish is so pigmented that you can easily create freehand nail art elements with the other colours in the set or if you are looking to create more complex designs with our range, you can easily do so with art gel.

Each set is made up of either 5-6 colours from our signature gel range as well as limited edition ranges and every single colour (if stock allows) is also available for sale individually. By purchasing the set you are typically saving 10% compared to purchasing each of the colours separately.

Please note the Gellifique® bulk discounts of 20%-30% off do not apply on sets as these have already been discounted.


At the moment we offer a selection of 25 colours sets to choose from in a range of hues and finishes. Lets take a look at few of them or choose your own favourite here.

All of the Gellifique® colours, top , base coats as well as many other gel products are free from:
❗️Di-HEMA trimethylhexyl dicarbamate,
❗️Triphenyl phosphate,
❗️Formaldehyde resin,
❗️Ethyl Tosylamide,
❗️Isobornyl Methacrylate⁠
❗️Isobornyl Acrylate⁠
❗️Silicon Dioxide⁠


We offer a great selection of streak free pastel and bright pink.

PINK - £47.89



From baby blue to deep navy we have it covered.

TOKYO GIRL - £47.89


A colour selection for those of you with a soft spot for everything peach.



Glossy and elegant nails for up to 3 weeks.



Prep and primer

The key essentials in every nail salon are a good quality primer which does not burn upon application and a 100% lint free wipe that will not ruin your gel polish application.
Both can be found at Gellifique® and the latter is available in array of juicy colours to suit your salon decor.

Select from SNOW , ROSE , ZEST , LIME or AQUA.



A new formula perfectly suited for the Gellifique® Gel System.

This gentle, acid-free, air dry nail primer has a chalky, dry finish and removes moisture from the nail surface to enhance product adhesion thereby, reducing the chance of product lifting.

  • a universal non-corrosive acid-free formulation allows a safe but effective and strong bond to the natural nail for any type of nail overlay including gel, acrylic, resin, etc.
  • HEMA free formulation so perfect for use with other HEMA free products to avoid product sensitisation and allergic reactions
  • easy brush-on application means the user can avoid skin contact and product air dries to a chalky white finish so it is clear when fully dry and ready for the overlay to be applied
  • manufactured in the UK and compliant with all UK and EU cosmetic standards


  • acid-free primer
  • free from HEMA and Di-HEMA
  • dry, chalky finish
  • suitable to use with the entire Gellifique® System
  • does not burn or irritate upon application (check ingredient list for personal sensitivities)
  • prevents air pockets and improves product adhesion
  • protects and fights against bacteria developing under gel overlay by removing trapped moisture

shop all Gellifique® top and base coats products for great adhesion and long lasting wear.


Gellifique™ APRON - CHARCOAL - £16.50


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