Manicure Tools Now Available

Published Jan. 8, 2021, 9 a.m.


Gellifique® has teamed up with a number of internationally recognised brands to offer our customers unbeatable value and quality for their business. Applying our vast international connections and market experience we are introducing a number of exciting product lines which always focus on quality and fair pricing thereby supporting our belief that everyone should have access to great products in their career.


Staleks® offers a high quality, reliable range of tools for the professional nail service industry without the inflated price tag. A brand well recognised internationally for its exclusive focus on the craftsmanship of professional instruments for the beauty industry for over 25 years.

With over 600 staff, its modern factory offers over 180 models of professional beauty tools to select from. The entire production cycle of each model is completed in house at its European headquarters.

Manual sharpening of all the models ensures high quality and long-lasting instruments. Due to the company's skilled and extensive workforce, Staleks® offers a vast range of professional quality products for your salon at an affordable price point.



Published Jan. 3, 2021, 8:39 a.m.

Now that everyone is rested after all the festivities let's start the year "putting our best foot forward" by focusing on correct Nail Prep for the Nail Enhancement service with products such as UV/LED Hard Builder Gel, UV/LED Acrylic Gel or UV/LED Apex Gel.

Please note that nail prep for Nail Enhancements and Gel Polish Colour is different.

As you may have seen all over social media in the past year there has been a huge increase in the popularity of nail prep tools, as it is no mystery that correct prep is the holy grail in achieving not only an Insta worthy nail look but also bringing those customers back to your salon every month.

In 2021 at Gellifique® you will able to stock up on all of your essentials for perfect prep without breaking the bank and as usual without loosing out on product quality. There is no better time than ever to double check your nail prep basics, maybe make some notes and head to our online store to grab some essentials.


Lets focus on what is relevant in our industry today. With the rise in popularity of BIAB, BOB etc (acronyms) plus a bit off clever marketing many technicians have found themselves working with what feels like a new system.

However, regardless of the fact that this is a brush on product the nature of the product is still that of a soak - off UV/LED Builder Gel which means that nail prep and application for this product is different compared to that for application of UV/LED Gel Polish.

Application of a soak - off UV/LED Builder Gel without accredited training is messy, does not last and most importantly can be downright dangerous for your client.

Because UV/LED Builder Gels are formulated with an idea of a re - balance service as opposed to complete removal there is no real need to remove all product from the natural nail during a re balance. In fact the best possible application of the "primary" set on your client will decrease the amount of removal (filing and buffing away all the lifted product and air pockets) which will have to be done during the re-balance service. This will aid better overall health of your client’s natural nails in the long term.

By incorrectly applying a nail enhancement or by using a nail system with poor adhesion the result of product lifting can cause air pockets which can lead to air and moisture being trapped underneath the enhancement, potentially resulting in bacterial growth or simply a likelihood of natural nail damage through catching, pulling or breaking of the enhancement.


Boxing Day Sale Now On

Published Dec. 25, 2020, 6:33 p.m.

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Bonjour to The New Arrivals

Published Dec. 5, 2020, 10:41 a.m.

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Choose your gift this week

Published Nov. 23, 2020, 10 a.m.

We apologise for a technical glitch our website had experienced yesterday. Apparently, it had an issue with the free gifts we wanted to introduce.

Starting TODAY and for one week ONLY we are adding some essentials to your orders as GIFTS.

To receive your gift please make sure your basket total reaches the correct amount and add the product name at the checkout in the comments box displayed under the shipping tab.

Spend £60

Spend £60 or over and receive a free nail shaping set worth RRP £7.99. The Gellifique® Nail Shaping Set consists of 7 "Boomerang" Nail Files (100/180) and 2 Buffers (120/180). Professional Quality, Durable and fully Disinfectable.

The material used for the nail files is of premium quality ensuring a cushioned core and longer-lasting performance. This shape enables you to file in harder to reach areas due to its curved shape and is perfect for reducing the length and thickness of nail enhancements.

Our uniquely shaped and super flexible yet durable buffers enable a closer reach to the cuticle area and sidewalls of the nail without catching the skin. A must-have tool to remove scratches and ridges present on nail enhancements or natural nails.

Both of these products are designed with premium quality sanding paper.