Beauty olympia offers / passes

If you are wondering how to get to the event of the year for beauty professionals we have created a dedicated page on our website with all the key information.


There is only 2 weeks left before the first professional beauty event takes please since 2019. This is a perfect opportunity to meet and greet the companies you have been investing in for the past couple of years and with almost every company running a promotional deal during the event you are bound to score some bargains for your salon!

Event address

The Grand Hall, Olympia
Hammersmith Road, Kensington
W14 8UX

Event dates

Sunday 3rd October: 10am – 6pm
Monday 4th October: 10am – 5pm



This year, the organisers of the event require proof of COVID status upon entry for everyone. For residents in England, this can be shown via the NHS App or COVID Pass and can be one of the following:

  • Proof of double vaccination, with the second at least 14 days prior to the event.
  • A negative NHS Lateral Flow Test, taken on the same day you are visiting the show. This will last for 48 hours, so you may need to re-test if you are attending both days.
  • Natural immunity, based on a positive PCR test within 180 days of the show.


We are so excited to launch our brand new acrylic, branded gel polish stands (fits 100 units) and the new full size Gellifique® Pro Cure UV/LED lamp at the event. Make sure to create an account on our website prior to the event to grab yourself a Gellifique® goodybag and have access to other offers and discounts on the day.


Create an account with Gellifique® (make sure to upload your professional certificate)
Register for your Beauty Olympia Pass

Only 4 days left


Gellifique® offer on all UV/LED gel products and accessories ends at midnight on August 31st.

Lets take a look at what is included in the UV/LED Nail Enhancements section and its essentials during our sale.


A wide range of uniquely formulated UV/LED Base and Top coats to add great adhesion and seal the shine of your gel colour manicure and nail enhancements are all currently on offer.

All Gellifique® Top Coats are tack-free to minimise skin transfer. All products including UV/LED Rubber Base Coat are HEMA FREE.

Prices start at just £7.03 inc VAT (offer ends soon)


Gellifique® Apex Gel is available in two textures - Apex Strengthen (previous product code 2 in 1 ) and Apex Gel Extend.

Each product serves an important purpose to either strengthen and enhance the wear of gel manicure or to sculpt and extend the nail bed.

APEX GEL - Strengthen

An odour free product that has thin to medium consistency and resembles closely in texture and application gel polish or even shellac.

Simply brush on the nail and wait for this super self - leveling product to do its job in a matter of seconds. A flexible formula that protects the nail from breaking by flexing together with the nail on impact.

Most importantly as with the entire Gellifique® product range, Apex Gel - Strengthen is formulated to avoid skin sensitivity.

For a limited time only at a special price of £7.19 inc VAT


APEX GEL - Extend

A beautifully formulated product that resembles in texture and application a UV/LED builder gel in a pot.

Nevertheless, this thicker consistency gel can still be applied with the "brush on" technique. Simply apply base coat and cure. Then apply a base layer of Apex Gel - Extend and without curing apply another bead of gel.

Distribute it evenly down the entire nail as per your UV/LED builder gel training. Add length, re shape and sculpt with this easy application product in a HEMA FREE formulation.


If you are on the market for a hard UV/LED builder gel then our unique formula maybe exactly what you are looking for. Gellifique® Advance Sculpting Gel is free from ANY skin sensitizing chemicals (no CLP markings) and is a must have product for those concerned with dermal allergies. Learn more about CLP ingredient classification here.

Gellifique® Advance Sculpting Gel is also formulated to self- level beautifully, create great colour opacity and wear up to 3 + weeks.

Now only £18.00 inc. VAT / 50 gr



If you don't love working with UV/LED builder gels or are in the market for a super tough product then the Gellifique® Acrylic Gel is the answer. There are many dupes in the market to the original product by Gelish® but once you try ours you will be pleasantly surprised both by price and product performance.

With the "just right" consistency, this paste like product sculpts easily with a pat of a brush and no other accessories for application are needed besides a trusty Isopropyl Alcohol solution to shape and sculpt the product. Did we mention that our formula also has no heat spike?! It really is the best of both worlds!

Are you interested in Accredited Acrylic Gel training or a conversion course? Then get in touch with us.

Gellifique® Acrylic gel is available as a set or singles at just £12.30 / 30 gr.



Our sale wouldn't be complete without the most popular product of the year - the Gellifique® Precision Quick Tips. These are not your average nail tips! Their superior clarity and flexibility due our ultra-thin, fully soak-able, premium-grade polymer, cut your service time in half and provide strength and durability exactly where it's needed.

Available in shapes : Ballerina, Stiletto, Short Almond (pre etched), Long Almond, and Oval (pre etched).


watch product demo here

Grab a bargain this august

To celebrate the arrival of our Fall 2021 Collection on September 1st featuring 12 brand new colours we are launching a 20% off on all of our products this August including nail art brushes / tools, hygiene, gel polish and sculpting products.

Editor Picks

Say "no more" to flooded cuticles and uneven smile lines with the Gellifique® super affordable, premium quality nail art brush range. Choose your favourite gel brush from 5 options and a range of fine liner brush from 5 mm to 11 mm.

Starter Brush Kit

This kit is all you need to get you on your way to sculpting, doing gel colour ombre and painting perfect French smile lines.

NAIL ART BRUSH SET x 4 - £38.00

Popular & Back in Stock

Cinderella Slipper


Your favourite brush on Builder Gel in clear is back in stock. Discover the full Apex Gel colour range.

Gellifique® Apex Gel - Extend is a soak off builder gel in a bottle formulated free from HEMA. Available in a variety of buildable colours this product is a great alternative to Advance Hard Builder Gel in a pot due to its easy, brush-on application method and similar long-lasting wear.

Its thick consistency resembles that of a Hard Builder Gel and has excellent performance as a natural nail overlay or a short to medium length extension of up to 1.2 cm.

Rubber Base


The Holy Grail of all Rubber Base Coats out there if we say so ourselves. Hence, why it is consistently out of stock.


For some reason now that its heading towards the end of the summer season everyone is asking for all sorts of Camo. Olive is finally back in stock and is also available in a set Urban Chic.


Game Changing Tools

Don't forget to take a look at nail prep tools from the world leading brand Staleks®. Their premium quality range includes cuticle pushers, cuticle nippers, e- file drills bits and much more.

Sale ends in 4 hours

Our huge 40% off sale ends tonight at midnight. Shop over 250 HEMA FREE UV/LED Gel Polish Colours and Gel Paints.

Why everyone loves our range

We are one of the few and so far the only UK based brand to offer a HEMA FREE formulation across our entire UV/LED product range, since 2017. From Matte Top Coat to Acrylic Gel we have it covered in a way that is kinder to your skin.

Better yet, our products are formulated to reduce and avoid skin contact / skin transfer by having a lot less tack after curing. Our range is also formulated free of other skin sensitising ingredients such as:

❗️di-HEMA trimethylhexyl dicarbamate,
❗️triphenyl phosphate,
❗️formaldehyde resin,
❗️ethyl tosylamide,
❗️Isobornyl Methacrylate⁠⠀
❗️Isobornyl Acrylate⁠⠀
❗️Silicon Dioxide⁠⠀

Come and see us in store

Our showroom is located in Edinburgh, Scotland and we love meeting all of our customers in person. So if you are ever in town - pop by and see the full range. To book an appointment click here.

Affordable & Accessible

Our range is priced at an optimal price point for the professional industry. Have you ever noticed that our Top and Base coats are cheaper compared to gel colour? This is because we understand the shopping needs of our customers and we do our best to be able to make our products as accessible as possible to everyone in the industry to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to offer the Gellifique® system to their customers.

Partner Brands

We also offer a fantastic range of professional manicure tools from an internationally renowned brand Staleks® as well as premium class water decals that stand the test of time.


NAIL ART BRUSH SET x 4 - £38.00

Split your payments

We understand that these are challenging times and investing into salon supplies can be quite unsettling. We try and make the process a little less financially daunting by offering a number of providers that enable you to split your payments. We also do not place a spending limit on our customers that wish to use this service.

Company news


If you follow us on social media you may have seen already how excited the team at Gellifique® has been this week after we have finally joined some of the world's leading companies, including a cosmetic company giant - Nivea® in the fight to offset Carbon footprint.

This project is something that is very close to the hearts of the entire team at Gellifique® but is a truly special moment for our founder.

As we have mentioned in the past due to the many years of experience our company has in international trade, our suppliers are based all over the world. The impact of manufacturing and transporting our products to our customers worldwide is something that has often made our team feel like we had to do something more, something kind to the natural world that we all take for granted, something to offset the damage of manufacturing - irrelevant of where that manufacturing is done.

This long - term goal at Gellifique® of being "environmentally aware" has now been achieved! We are delighted to find a partner we can trust in and "plant trees by our side". Thank you Tree - Nation for doing what you do.

We are so glad to be on this journey to more sustainable manufacturing!


Now Gellifique® has it's very own mini "forest" and each product that our wonderful customers purchase contributes to reforestation projects in various parts of the globe. ONE TREE for EVERY PRODUCT you buy.

Once you have placed an order with us , you will receive an email with your tree certificate and a link to check out the Gellifique® forest including the various species of trees we have planted with your help as well as the projects that Tree - Nation is working on and an invitation to leave a comment if you like.


The amazing thing is that most of you are participating in such an important project already by simply purchasing supplies for your trade from a brand that you love... and we are so glad to have you on board of our sustainability train!

If you are a company reading this, we welcome you to also become part of this project and create a forest of your own. In our humble opinion the more of us doing this , the better.


In 2019 a report by Crowther Labs in Zurich has concluded that planting trees is the most affordable and effective way to fight Climate Change. Moreover, trees have a huge range of other benefits for both our environment and its inhabitants.

Thank you for supporting our Brand and Corporate Values.

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