New! builder gel vs biab

With the arrival of NEW! Hard gel colours there has been much deliberation 🤔 from our customers as to what to go for now that we are expanding our Advance Hard Gel range.
Lets take a look at Hard Gel vs BIAB and see what to go for next time for all your gel sculpting needs.


BIAB aka builder gel in a bottle

Gellifique® has two options, one to gently strengthen the nails and one for a short, sculpted extension.

  • £8.89 / £9.89 / 15 gr
  • soak off
  • 20-30 services
  • 2+ weeks
  • great for natural overlays and short extensions
  • quick application straight out of the bottle

ADVANCE Hard Builder Gel

Also available in two options; sculpting and builder gel. Today we are discussing the Builder Gel range.

  • £22.50 / 50 gr
  • file off
  • 40-60 services
  • 3 - 4 weeks
  • medium to long extensions
  • great for clients with thin, damaged, peeling nails
  • stronger nail corners compared to BIAB


Our Verdict

☆ APEX GEL. If you mainly work with gel polish clients and need an additional BIAB service due to its popularity then go for the Apex Gel Strengthen. Its easy textured formula applies in two coats. Our Apex Gel Strengthen formula is available in semi sheer and full coverage colours. For something a bit harder wearing or if you are looking to use a "bead sculpting" method then 👉🏻 Apex Gel Extend.

☆ HARD GEL. If you mainly work with sculpted nails then the hard gel option is far better wearing, more appropriate for medium to long extensions and cheaper per service. For suuuuper long and strong nails as well as for clients with severe sensitivity to heat spikes associated with traditional gel formulas Acrylic Gel is your go to.

Spring / summer new arrivals 2022

We are super excited to offer a preview of our Spring / Summer Limited Edition colour collection due to launch this month.
The collection was inspired by currently trending shades in fashion; sizzling pink, Bottega Veneta green, Cerulian blue and bright , bold yellow.

All new colours due to launch week of May 16 2022.


Hello that , perfect shade of mauve! You have been asking for THIS colour since we discontinued it in 2017 and after so many of you asking for it at the Beauty Olympia , London show we went back to the drawing board and decided to bring it back in.


That bold shade of blue that all of you love about Cobalt but in a summer appropriate - shade in Cerulian blue.


An upbeat, inky blue with a hint of purple. if you love Britannica this is the summer version.


The launch of Bora Bora last year has sent you guys raving about this hue and we have sold out of it in a week. So, as usual we are here to deliver! We predict Cerise to become another staple favourite alongside Malibu and Neon Margarita.


Love dark pink? Meet that go to shade for the darkest berry pink.


Oh Bottega Venetta green you are to blame for the love of all green shades thats been booming since last year. Wearing green is not for everyone but this is literally the IT colour of the season. Are you brave enough?


All of you love Daffodil and thats why we always have it in stock. Well ... meet it's delightful companion Buttercup! The brightest, happiest yellow in our honey like formula that applies streak - free!

Revive and rejuvenate with organic skin care

Pamper your clients this Festive season with a range of UK certified organic scrubs, butters and lotions with their delicate, natural fragrances and active ingredients.

We recommend opting for a skincare brand that is free of mineral oils and colourants that through prolonged skin contact can cause irritation.


Protect Your Hands From The Cold


Wild Siberian Pine extract strengthens the skin and protects it from wind, dryness and cold. Organic Arctic Flax Oil provides a calming effect, softens the skin and intensely nourishes it.

Also available in a smaller size of 75 ml to protect your hands on the go.

De - Stress With A Foot Bath

The perfect foot bath salt for your clients in this weather. Enriched with healing Calendula and Argan oil.


more foot care products

Warm Up With a Scrub

A "delicious treat" for your clients spa manicure or pedicure. Choose one of the new arrivals from the organically certified brand Organic Shop®.


Gently awaken sleeping skin, embracing your senses with exotic fragrances.Cocoa butter moisturises and nourishes skin while organic vanilla and hazelnut tone it. Hot pepper extract warms up and highlights the appearance of the skin, making skin smoother and more supple.


This very gentle formula will smooth your skin to perfection while shipping your senses off to paradise. Almond oil and milk protein deeply moisturize your skin, while organic honey and organic wheat germ oil encourage and boost the process of your skin natural regeneration.

An Oldie But A Goodie

Two popular organic hand mask treatments for your clients will come in handy with the cold weather outdoors and central heating indoors ; the two culprits for chapped lips and super dry skin in the winter months.


Deeply nourishes and moisturises dry skin, restoring softness and comfort all day long. Protects your hands from drying out and helps to keep them soft and supple. Hydrolysed Wheat protein deeply nourishes, promotes the synthesis of collagen.


Frost Berries Nourishing Hand Mask has been specially designed for intensive nutrition and hand care. Active ingredients, with highly conditioning properties, explicitly regenerate, deeply nourish and improve the skin protective abilities. This hand mask will help to keep your hands in perfect condition and protect against environmental factors while reducing the feeling of roughness and soothing irritations. As the result, the skin preserves strength and a healthy look.

more hand care products

Time to update your uv/led lamp?

We were so pleased to see how many of your were excited to get your hands on our new PRO CURE Lamp at Beauty Olympia in London this month.

NOW ONLY £52.50

An essential product in every salon. Responsibly sourced and manufactured Gellifique® Pro Cure UV/LED nail lamp cures the Gellifique® gel polish in 30 seconds (with correct application) and Gellifique® enhancement products in 60 seconds (with correct application).

Technical Specifications

  • UV/LED curing
  • 48W
  • Removable lower tray for pedicure
  • 4 timer settings
  • Timer memory function
  • Low heat setting
  • Digital display
  • 36 LEDS
  • UK Plug


Whats in the box

  • 1 Pro Cure UV/LED Lamp
  • 1 UK socket Cable
  • 1 User Manual (warranty is included)

Please check our Terms and Conditions for the included warranty with this product

Why select our device

It can be confusing choosing a lamp as prices for the same model range from £120 - £35. A popular expression of "not all that glitters is gold" is very applicable when considering a lamp to be used with your gel system. The Gellifique® system cures perfectly with a lamp that has the following specifications:

  • UV/LED nail lamp
  • Wavelength of 365nm x 405nm
  • 48W

However, unfortunately finding a reliable supplier for UV/LED gel lamps is becoming increasingly difficult due to Brexit and other restrictions on transportation. Thus, rest assured that our manufacturers deliver products as per their technical specifications.

Important! Please note based on your salon service time and device usage; the device may have to be replaced every 3-6 month period. Please use your professional expertise to determine when the device needs to be replaced.

Other essentials in this range

Gellifique® Pro Cure Mini is now also on offer for a limited time only. It might be small but it is mighty powerful. Perfect for flash curing your tip system. Available in the Precision Quick Tips Set


Complete gel polish collection kit -35% off

We have made it super easy to switch to an all HEMA FREE Gel System by combining our core 211 gel polish colours with other essentials needed to get you started in a matter of days.

No need to pre - order or wait, simply checkout and have this set delivered safely to you in 3-5 working days with UPS.

CORE GEL POLISH COLLECTION + (211) - £1,400.00

Why care about HEMA?

If you keep hearing about HEMA but don't quite know what all the fuss is about then the easiest way to understand the significance of this ingredient would be to
highlight the recent regulatory changes made in 2020 by the EU Cosmetics Committee that restricted the sale of products containing HEMA and introduced compulsory warnings to be added to the label, warning the user of possible allergic reactions.

In our humble opinion the main takeaway from this topic for the consumer should be that, there are simply other Acrylates that can be used instead of HEMA that will give you the same result without compromising the health of your skin. So just as you avoid harsh chemicals in your skincare why not do the same for the health of your hands?!

HEMA FREE since 2017

Ever since Gellfique® incorporation in 2015 we carefully studied the market place and kept up with new published research relevant to the industry. We quickly spotted a number of studies and related concerns for certain substances including HEMA in nail enhancement products.

So we wondered if we could launch~ a product that would be free from many of these chemicals and yet perform at a professional level?
Luckily, we did just that launching our very first HEMA FREE range in 2017 and making a complete switch by the end of 2019.

So if you are ready to make the switch we are here to help you do that with our range of TRIAL KITS .

What is included in the Core Gel Polish Collection Kit

The Gellifique® core colour collection has been carefully selected by our experts to create a colour palette that keeps your clients excited about their next appointment.

211 Core Gel Polish Colours (please see listed below), Acid-Free Primer, Microcrystal Top Coat, Microcrystal Base Coat and a 48W UV/LED Lamp.

  • Admiral, Almond Oil, Amethyst / Grape 04, Aquamarine, Asphalt, Aubergine / Grape 01, Aurora, Aurelia / Platinum 04, Apricot, Ariana / Metallic 05;

  • Biscotti, Black Panther, Blackberry, Blackcurrant / Grape 02, Blanco, Blue Hawaii, Bolt / Smoke 04, Bora Bora, Naturelle, Baby;

  • Blossom, Dark Mocha, Berry, Bordeaux, Bouquet / Peony 04, Bride to Be, Brownie, Brushed Suede, Bubblegum, Burlesque;

  • Cafe Au Latte, Cajun Spice, Camo, Candy Apple / Lora 05, Candy Floss, Carbon / Smoke 05, Carnation / Violet 02, Carolina / Tiffany 02, Cashmere Sweater, Charcoal;

  • Chateau / Rojo 01, Cherry Tart /Rojo 08, Chestnut, Chilli / Rojo 07, Christmas Eve, Cloud 9, Cobalt / Navy 01, Cocoa Nib, Cool Camo, Wisteria;

  • Copacabana / Lolita 02, Copper Spark / Dubai 04, Coral Reef, Cordelia, Cornflower / Tiffany 01, Cosmopolitan, Creme Brûlée, Crimson, Daffodil, Ballerina / Nude 02;

  • Dahlia / Peony 03, Damson / Violet 01, Daydream, Desire, Dolly, Dorothy / Rojo 06, Dreamer, Dubai 06 / Magic, Dusky Rose, Eclipse;

  • Electra, Enchanted Forest / Envy 02, English Rose / Nude 03, Espresso, Euphoria, Exuberance,Fiery Brown, Firework Fuchsia /

  • Rainbow Dust 11, Firecracker / Platinum 09, Flamingo;

  • Forget Me Not, Galaxy, Geisha / Lora 04, Gina / Platinum 01, Glitz / Dimond 04, Goji Berry, Grape / Grape 03, Hazelnut, Heart of the ocean / Rainbow Dust 10, Hibiscus;

  • Hogmanay, Honeydew Crush, Hot Chocolate, Ibiza, Indigo/ Navy 02, Intense Mauve / Cola, Iris, Irish cream, Its a Boy, Jasmine;

  • Jet Setter, Latte, Lavender Haze, Lavender,Lemon Sorbet, Lilac Dream, Lime, London City, Lora 02 / Pinot Noir, Louboutin / Rojo 09;

  • Love Bug, Mademoiselle, Malbec / Rojo 10, Malibu / Lolita 03, Manhattan, Meadowsweet, Melon Cooler, Mellow Key Lime, Midnight Star / Midnight 02, Mile High;

  • Military Green, Mint Breeze, Miss Independent / Tiffany 04, Mrs Clause, Mulberry, Neon Margarita, Nightshade / Midnight 03, Nimbus, North Star / Jewel 07, Nude 01;

  • NYC, Ocean Deep / Midnight 01, Olive, Peach Blush, Peach Bourbon, Peach Blossom, Pearl, Periwinkle, Pine, Pink 01;

  • Pink 02, Pink Carnation, Pink Panther, Pistachio Paradise, Pistachio Love, Platinum Rose / Metallic 01, Plum Jam, Plum Pudding, Plush Mink / Peony 01, Poppy;

  • Pumpkin Spice, Raspberry, Red Hot, Rock Rose / Violet 03, Romance, Rose Quartz, Rose Garden, Rosebud, Rose Tan, Sacramento;

  • Sandstone, Samba, Sahara, Sangria / Rojo 02, Santa Baby, Sapphire / Navy 03, Scarlet, Shamrock / Envy 03, Shimmering Waves / Dubai 08, Shooting Star / Rainbow Dust 09,

  • Silk Blouse / Claret, Silver Halo / Jewel 03, Silver Rain / Jewel 02, Silverscreen, SkyScraper, Slate, Smoke 02, Smokey Moss, Sophisticated, Starry Sky / Dubai 01;

  • Stardust / Denim, Steel / Smoke 01, Storm, Stormy Purple, Strawberry Bliss, Sugared Almond, Sunborn / Jewel 01, Sunshine, Tangerine Martini, Teal;

  • Thistle, Tiffany / Tiffany 03, Tiramisu, Toffee Nut, Tortoise Shell, Tres Chic, Tropicana / Lolita 01, Truffle, Turkish Delight, Tutti Frutti;

  • Tutu, Twilight, Ultramarine, Urban Chic / Smoke 03, Very Berry, Vino, Violet 04, Vogue, Wedding Day, Wilderness; Zest.

Prep and primer

The key essentials in every nail salon are a good quality primer which does not burn upon application and a 100% lint free wipe that will not ruin your gel polish application.
Both can be found at Gellifique® and the latter is available in array of juicy colours to suit your salon decor.

Select from SNOW , ROSE , ZEST , LIME or AQUA.



A new formula perfectly suited for the Gellifique® Gel System.

This gentle, acid-free, air dry nail primer has a chalky, dry finish and removes moisture from the nail surface to enhance product adhesion thereby, reducing the chance of product lifting.

  • a universal non-corrosive acid-free formulation allows a safe but effective and strong bond to the natural nail for any type of nail overlay including gel, acrylic, resin, etc.
  • HEMA free formulation so perfect for use with other HEMA free products to avoid product sensitisation and allergic reactions
  • easy brush-on application means the user can avoid skin contact and product air dries to a chalky white finish so it is clear when fully dry and ready for the overlay to be applied
  • manufactured in the UK and compliant with all UK and EU cosmetic standards


  • acid-free primer
  • free from HEMA and Di-HEMA
  • dry, chalky finish
  • suitable to use with the entire Gellifique® System
  • does not burn or irritate upon application (check ingredient list for personal sensitivities)
  • prevents air pockets and improves product adhesion
  • protects and fights against bacteria developing under gel overlay by removing trapped moisture

shop all Gellifique® top and base coats products for great adhesion and long lasting wear.


Gellifique™ APRON - CHARCOAL - £16.50


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