9d uv/led magnetic gel polish

Published Jan. 15, 2021, 9:53 p.m.

In the recent years the magnetic gel polish formula has transformed from a simple "cat eye" effect to a multidimensional mixture of colours and shimmers, giving way to numerous nail art design ideas. You can check out some of these design ideas on our Instagram page this week. To get started though it is important to achieve the basic 9D magnetic effect which looks stunning on it own as well as a part of a design.

! Gellifique® line of magnetic UV/LED gel polishes is formulated free of any skin sensitizing ingredients as classified by the CLP marking system. A full ingredient list can be found under the product detail tab on our website for each product we offer.


  • Use a basic magnet and give it a good clean ensuring it has no residue that could affect its performance.

  • Apply the Gellifique® hypoallergenic base coat and cure for 30 seconds with LED or 120 seconds with UV.

  • Shake the gel polish to ensure that all the pigments are properly mixed and apply a thin coat of the colour.

  • Without curing, place the magnet at the foot of the nail using the upper side of the magnet as demonstrated above.

  • Hold the magnet in place without moving it for at least 5 seconds as it takes some time for the effect to appear.

  • Once you are happy with the created effect cure for 30 seconds with LED or 120 seconds with UV.

  • Follow with another coat of colour and the same technique.

  • Cure as above.

  • If you are using a black colour base then one coat of colour could be sufficient.

  • Seal the effect with the Gellifique® top coat of your choice and cure as above.


This range of 9 D magnetic colours has been a staple favourite of our clients since its 2019 debut and we continuously re-stock it since then, due to high demand.



OZONE 9D (HEMA FREE) - £9.99

SOLAR 9D (HEMA FREE) - £9.99


  • Ensure the positioning of the magnet is correct.

  • If you feel the magnet is pushing the particles away from where you place the magnet as oppose to "assembling them" try removing the magnet and placing it the other way around (opposite corner of the magnet).

  • If the effect is not even on both side then very slightly tilt the magnet towards the empty area.

  • Its very important to take your time to allow the magnet to do its work.

  • Always move the magnet in a controlled and slow motion as magnetic particles are very sensitive and will otherwise "jump around".


AXIS - £9.99

ASTRID - £9.99

ECLIPSE - £9.99

TRITON - £9.99

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