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Published Sept. 8, 2021, 4:25 p.m.

The key essentials in every nail salon are a good quality primer which does not burn upon application and a 100% lint free wipe that will not ruin your gel polish application.
Both can be found at Gellifique® and the latter is available in array of juicy colours to suit your salon decor.

Select from SNOW , ROSE , ZEST , LIME or AQUA.



A new formula perfectly suited for the Gellifique® Gel System.

This gentle, acid-free, air dry nail primer has a chalky, dry finish and removes moisture from the nail surface to enhance product adhesion thereby, reducing the chance of product lifting.

  • a universal non-corrosive acid-free formulation allows a safe but effective and strong bond to the natural nail for any type of nail overlay including gel, acrylic, resin, etc.
  • HEMA free formulation so perfect for use with other HEMA free products to avoid product sensitisation and allergic reactions
  • easy brush-on application means the user can avoid skin contact and product air dries to a chalky white finish so it is clear when fully dry and ready for the overlay to be applied
  • manufactured in the UK and compliant with all UK and EU cosmetic standards


  • acid-free primer
  • free from HEMA and Di-HEMA
  • dry, chalky finish
  • suitable to use with the entire Gellifique® System
  • does not burn or irritate upon application (check ingredient list for personal sensitivities)
  • prevents air pockets and improves product adhesion
  • protects and fights against bacteria developing under gel overlay by removing trapped moisture

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Gellifique™ APRON - CHARCOAL - £16.50


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