New! builder gel vs biab

Published May 20, 2022, 3:17 p.m.

With the arrival of NEW! Hard gel colours there has been much deliberation 🤔 from our customers as to what to go for now that we are expanding our Advance Hard Gel range.
Lets take a look at Hard Gel vs BIAB and see what to go for next time for all your gel sculpting needs.


BIAB aka builder gel in a bottle

Gellifique® has two options, one to gently strengthen the nails and one for a short, sculpted extension.

  • £8.89 / £9.89 / 15 gr
  • soak off
  • 20-30 services
  • 2+ weeks
  • great for natural overlays and short extensions
  • quick application straight out of the bottle

ADVANCE Hard Builder Gel

Also available in two options; sculpting and builder gel. Today we are discussing the Builder Gel range.

  • £22.50 / 50 gr
  • file off
  • 40-60 services
  • 3 - 4 weeks
  • medium to long extensions
  • great for clients with thin, damaged, peeling nails
  • stronger nail corners compared to BIAB


Our Verdict

☆ APEX GEL. If you mainly work with gel polish clients and need an additional BIAB service due to its popularity then go for the Apex Gel Strengthen. Its easy textured formula applies in two coats. Our Apex Gel Strengthen formula is available in semi sheer and full coverage colours. For something a bit harder wearing or if you are looking to use a "bead sculpting" method then 👉🏻 Apex Gel Extend.

☆ HARD GEL. If you mainly work with sculpted nails then the hard gel option is far better wearing, more appropriate for medium to long extensions and cheaper per service. For suuuuper long and strong nails as well as for clients with severe sensitivity to heat spikes associated with traditional gel formulas Acrylic Gel is your go to.

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