If you are using and loving a brush on builder system in your salon, then make sure to check out these common BIAB pitfalls.

#1 Taking the product name literally

This is perhaps one of the most important factors to note when using the brush on "builder gel" system from any brand. The "builder" part used by most companies in promoting BIAB is mostly descriptive of the functionality of the product rather than its nature.

In reality these products in their chemical compositions are far closer to base coats as opposed to builder gels. They share typical traits with base coats, whereby:

  • the product has a consistency and texture similar to a thicker viscosity gel polish product as opposed to a pot builder
  • the product boasts great adhesion properties
  • the product can be easily soaked off in under 20 minutes

Making the assumption that this products can be used just like a true builder gel product leads to many NTs risking under curing issues or excessive heat spikes.

#2 Using the product on long nails

The greater the length of the nail which you are trying to strengthen the more product it requires. As most of us know already thick product application does not make the product stronger but in fact can cause product lifting and chipping. Ultimately, it is not the thickness that creates the strength within the product but the formulation itself.

This also means that even if the product lasts on the nails without chipping, the stress zone (apex) of the nail often gets damaged under the enhancement. The product is simply too flexible to strengthen a long length (from the free edge).

BIAB system just like other products has limitations so for best results we recommend using this system on short to medium length nail enhancements.

#3 Not doing a re - balance

BIAB was intended to quickly strengthen (overlay) healthy, natural nails without having to resort to using a builder gel product. The thicker viscosity of builder gel makes it too "gooey" to apply on a short nail.

However, regularly applying BIAB in larger quantities in order to "sculpt" an apex etc and then regularly soaking off the product can cause the nail to become brittle over time. The mixture of acetone and higher contents of methacrylic acids present in BIAB products gradually dehydrate the natural nail plate.

As the nail looses its dorsal layer it stops "holding on to the product" which is why many clients end up having issues with products lasting, even when it wasn't an issue in the past.

So to avoid the above if you have a regular BIAB client we recommend a file off method instead. If you are not e - file trained - pick up a hand file. This product is far softer than a true builder gel and it should not take you long to remove it for a re - balance service.

  • remove only the colour coat and any lifting or air pockets
  • apply a base coat and cure 60 sec
  • then re - balance with a light coat of product
  • follow with colour and top coat

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