Introducing Adhesion + Acid Free Primer

We're excited to announce a new addition to our primer range! While our existing primer is fantastic for creating durable, rigid enhancements, we recognised the need for more versatility. This new , dermatologically tested formula is designed for added flexibility – a surprising but essential quality in a liquid, air-dry primer product.

Why Another Primer?

Our current primer is formulated for a strong, rigid bond, perfect for heavier and longer nail enhancements. It's ideally suited for our gel range, however , as you know, not all nails are the same.

For nails with more natural flexibility and certain anatomical structures gel lifting at the cuticle area is a common struggle. This primer solves this issue in a more gentle way than opting for a primer with harsh acids.

Crafting the Perfect Balance: Nail Primer Formulations

When developing our new primer, we aimed for a harmonious blend of essential qualities:

  • Adhesion: Enhancing nail enhancement adhesion without harsh acids.
  • Durability: Ensuring longer-lasting enhancements.
  • Flexibility: Accommodating natural nail movement.
  • Compatibility: Perfect specifically for gel systems.

Our Range of Prep Products

A quick look at each item and its benefits:


A first step in nail prep. The formula temporarily dehydrates the nail plate, cleansing and removing any oils or residues and prepping the nail plate for primer. Can be used without an Acid Free Primer for normal gel polish manicure without sculpting products.



A gentle, universal Acid Free Primer that helps to remove moisture under the gel enhancement and protects against bacteria development. Improves adhesion of gel coatings.



Formulated for individuals seeking to improve adhesion on nails prone to lifting around the cuticle area, due to the anatomical structure of the nail plate or the flexibility of the nail plate.


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