We have made it super easy to switch to an all HEMA FREE Gel System by combining our core 211 gel polish colours with other essentials needed to get you started in a matter of days.

No need to pre - order or wait, simply checkout and have this set delivered safely to you in 3-5 working days with UPS.

CORE GEL POLISH COLLECTION + (211) - £1,400.00

Why care about HEMA?

If you keep hearing about HEMA but don't quite know what all the fuss is about then the easiest way to understand the significance of this ingredient would be to
highlight the recent regulatory changes made in 2020 by the EU Cosmetics Committee that restricted the sale of products containing HEMA and introduced compulsory warnings to be added to the label, warning the user of possible allergic reactions.

In our humble opinion the main takeaway from this topic for the consumer should be that, there are simply other Acrylates that can be used instead of HEMA that will give you the same result without compromising the health of your skin. So just as you avoid harsh chemicals in your skincare why not do the same for the health of your hands?!

HEMA FREE since 2017

Ever since Gellfique® incorporation in 2015 we carefully studied the market place and kept up with new published research relevant to the industry. We quickly spotted a number of studies and related concerns for certain substances including HEMA in nail enhancement products.

So we wondered if we could launch~ a product that would be free from many of these chemicals and yet perform at a professional level?
Luckily, we did just that launching our very first HEMA FREE range in 2017 and making a complete switch by the end of 2019.

So if you are ready to make the switch we are here to help you do that with our range of TRIAL KITS .

What is included in the Core Gel Polish Collection Kit

The Gellifique® core colour collection has been carefully selected by our experts to create a colour palette that keeps your clients excited about their next appointment.

211 Core Gel Polish Colours (please see listed below), Acid-Free Primer, Microcrystal Top Coat, Microcrystal Base Coat and a 48W UV/LED Lamp.

  • Admiral, Almond Oil, Amethyst / Grape 04, Aquamarine, Asphalt, Aubergine / Grape 01, Aurora, Aurelia / Platinum 04, Apricot, Ariana / Metallic 05;

  • Biscotti, Black Panther, Blackberry, Blackcurrant / Grape 02, Blanco, Blue Hawaii, Bolt / Smoke 04, Bora Bora, Naturelle, Baby;

  • Blossom, Dark Mocha, Berry, Bordeaux, Bouquet / Peony 04, Bride to Be, Brownie, Brushed Suede, Bubblegum, Burlesque;

  • Cafe Au Latte, Cajun Spice, Camo, Candy Apple / Lora 05, Candy Floss, Carbon / Smoke 05, Carnation / Violet 02, Carolina / Tiffany 02, Cashmere Sweater, Charcoal;

  • Chateau / Rojo 01, Cherry Tart /Rojo 08, Chestnut, Chilli / Rojo 07, Christmas Eve, Cloud 9, Cobalt / Navy 01, Cocoa Nib, Cool Camo, Wisteria;

  • Copacabana / Lolita 02, Copper Spark / Dubai 04, Coral Reef, Cordelia, Cornflower / Tiffany 01, Cosmopolitan, Creme Brûlée, Crimson, Daffodil, Ballerina / Nude 02;

  • Dahlia / Peony 03, Damson / Violet 01, Daydream, Desire, Dolly, Dorothy / Rojo 06, Dreamer, Dubai 06 / Magic, Dusky Rose, Eclipse;

  • Electra, Enchanted Forest / Envy 02, English Rose / Nude 03, Espresso, Euphoria, Exuberance,Fiery Brown, Firework Fuchsia /

  • Rainbow Dust 11, Firecracker / Platinum 09, Flamingo;

  • Forget Me Not, Galaxy, Geisha / Lora 04, Gina / Platinum 01, Glitz / Dimond 04, Goji Berry, Grape / Grape 03, Hazelnut, Heart of the ocean / Rainbow Dust 10, Hibiscus;

  • Hogmanay, Honeydew Crush, Hot Chocolate, Ibiza, Indigo/ Navy 02, Intense Mauve / Cola, Iris, Irish cream, Its a Boy, Jasmine;

  • Jet Setter, Latte, Lavender Haze, Lavender,Lemon Sorbet, Lilac Dream, Lime, London City, Lora 02 / Pinot Noir, Louboutin / Rojo 09;

  • Love Bug, Mademoiselle, Malbec / Rojo 10, Malibu / Lolita 03, Manhattan, Meadowsweet, Melon Cooler, Mellow Key Lime, Midnight Star / Midnight 02, Mile High;

  • Military Green, Mint Breeze, Miss Independent / Tiffany 04, Mrs Clause, Mulberry, Neon Margarita, Nightshade / Midnight 03, Nimbus, North Star / Jewel 07, Nude 01;

  • NYC, Ocean Deep / Midnight 01, Olive, Peach Blush, Peach Bourbon, Peach Blossom, Pearl, Periwinkle, Pine, Pink 01;

  • Pink 02, Pink Carnation, Pink Panther, Pistachio Paradise, Pistachio Love, Platinum Rose / Metallic 01, Plum Jam, Plum Pudding, Plush Mink / Peony 01, Poppy;

  • Pumpkin Spice, Raspberry, Red Hot, Rock Rose / Violet 03, Romance, Rose Quartz, Rose Garden, Rosebud, Rose Tan, Sacramento;

  • Sandstone, Samba, Sahara, Sangria / Rojo 02, Santa Baby, Sapphire / Navy 03, Scarlet, Shamrock / Envy 03, Shimmering Waves / Dubai 08, Shooting Star / Rainbow Dust 09,

  • Silk Blouse / Claret, Silver Halo / Jewel 03, Silver Rain / Jewel 02, Silverscreen, SkyScraper, Slate, Smoke 02, Smokey Moss, Sophisticated, Starry Sky / Dubai 01;

  • Stardust / Denim, Steel / Smoke 01, Storm, Stormy Purple, Strawberry Bliss, Sugared Almond, Sunborn / Jewel 01, Sunshine, Tangerine Martini, Teal;

  • Thistle, Tiffany / Tiffany 03, Tiramisu, Toffee Nut, Tortoise Shell, Tres Chic, Tropicana / Lolita 01, Truffle, Turkish Delight, Tutti Frutti;

  • Tutu, Twilight, Ultramarine, Urban Chic / Smoke 03, Very Berry, Vino, Violet 04, Vogue, Wedding Day, Wilderness; Zest.

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