Cuticle Pushers


Choosing the Perfect Cuticle Pusher:

When selecting your cuticle pusher, precision is crucial. The eponychium, a thin layer of skin, features a delicate transitional area where the lateral nail fold begins. This region is highly vascularised and prone to trauma or grazing if accidentally contacted by a nail prep tool with sharp corners.

Such skin abrasions or cuts can significantly impact the longevity of gel manicures, often leading to product running and inevitable lifting. To mitigate these issues, it's essential to handle the proximal nail fold and eponychium with extra care and precision.

Ideally, opt for a cuticle pusher design that mimics the natural structure of the nail plate, promoting smooth movement around the cuticle area. Eliminate sharp corners to ensure even pressure distribution and minimise the risk of accidental injury.

We offer three types of pushers, each tailored to accommodate various nail plate sizes. A helpful tip: Compare the size of your tool to your pinkie for the perfect fit. Remember, it's easier to work with a smaller tool on larger surfaces than vice versa.

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An innovative double-sided cuticle pusher, featuring a patented design for professional nail care. One side boasts a slanted cuticle pusher shaped like a wooden orange stick, ideal for gently lifting and pushing back rough cuticles. On the other side, a ring is designed to delicately remove keratinized residue around the cuticle area without causing trauma or scratching the nail surface. Experience gentle and effective cuticle care with this unique tool.



A versatile rounded wide cuticle pusher and rectangular knife duo. Featuring a double-sided knife sharpening for precision, this tool offers a larger pusher ideal for wider nail plates. Professionally manually sharpened, it's recommended for both manicure and pedicure use. Complete with a burly non-slip handle for superb grip, achieving flawless nail care has never been easier.



A lightweight cuticle pushers with hollow handle, designed to reduce hand fatigue during use. The increased diameter of the handle ensures a comfortable grip, while new notches prevent the tool from slipping out of your hand, allowing for precise and controlled movement. Experience effortless and comfortable cuticle care with this ergonomic tool.


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