If you are not trained in BIAB or sculpting gel products in general, it's easy to feel a little left behind.

With soak off, sculpting products being the #1 requested service in UK nail salons today, its no wonder this service is consistently popping up on your social media feed. 🙄

But did you know that you can still significantly enhance the longevity and appearance of a soak-off gel polish manicure by simply swapping your regular UV/LED gel polish base coat to a rubber base formula?!

Here is a list of benefits that this simple switch can do for your nail salon:

  • add adhesion to nails which do not "hold on" to product well
  • reinforce structure of flat nails, creating a more emphasized apex
  • prolong the longevity of a simple gel manicure for up to 4 weeks on natural nails
  • soaks off just like regular base coat

So by switching to a rubber base coat you can visually enhance flat, thin looking nails to have more of an apex and create a flawless base for your colour to be applied on.

Better yet, a rubber base coat does not need any filling or refining, can not be applied too "thickly", cures comfortably with no heat spike and can be followed with any colour.

CLARITY - £16.50

This soak off product can be applied as a regular base coat or in a sculpting technique. Formulated to keep your natural nails in better condition for longer, even through prolonged use.



This flexible and self-leveling base coat can be used to equalize and strengthen the nail surface of the nail creating an ideal canvas for the application of all other nail products.



The thicker texture of this base is perfectly suited for a beginner nail technician as its consistency allows more time to perfect the application technique.Similar to the Rubber Base in Medium Texture it is ideally suited for strengthening and equalizing the nail surface as well fixing micro-fissures. Due to its consistency, the Rubber Base Coat in Thick Texture can also be used to affix gemstones.


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