We had a golden rule back in 2015 when we first started the company that we were never going down the lane of paid / sponsored social media advertising. We absolutely still live and breathe by the rule of "letting our products speak for themselves" and are blessed to have a loyal customer base with many of our customers with us since 2015.

We would love to reward our loyal customers and help others learn about a gel system that was designed for professionals. We aim to continue delivering latest product formulas and expanding our range, while keeping our prices affordable and sustainable for small businesses across the country.

So for the month of March we are running a promotion where you can grab £10 store credit for every friend you introduce. The best part is that your friend also gets £10 store credit and a massive 40% off their first order with Gellifique.

Just go to your account and click on LOYALTY REWARD POINTS & share the link with your friends.

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