When you notice chipping at the free edge of your gel nail enhancements, it's easy to assume it's about product adhesion or the application technique. However, many factors can affect the longevity of gel nail enhancements, and some of them are tied to the physiological characteristics of the nail plate, which can cause the gel coating to lift off the nail.

One frequent reason for the reduced durability of nail enhancements at the free edge is the natural inward twisting or curling of the nail plate. You can learn more about why this happens in our recent Instagram post however, as this is one of the most common reasons of chipping its important for us to learn how we can stop this from happening.

As the edge of the natural nail looses its correct structure we must reconstruct structural balance. This is important for durability and aesthetic appeal. If this is not done earlier on the nail will continue to twist resulting in more product lifting and thinning out in the lateral sides of the nail plate which are crucial for nail plate health.

The free edge of a nail enhancement should be parallel to the nail's growth line at the cuticle. This ensures a balanced, natural look and helps in even weight distribution across the nail.

So to balance this out you need a thicker viscosity gel to do this quickly and easily without nail forms etc.

Solutions for Nail Technicians not trained in BIAB:

If you work with natural nails only and use the soak off method for removal we recommend opting for either Rubber Base Coat Thick or ideally for Fiber Base Coat as it is more robust due it being infused with nylon fibers. You can see our Fiber Base Coat in action here.





Solutions for Nail Technicians trained in BIAB:

In our range, Apex Build is a harder-wearing brush-on builder, but its consistency is more medium than thick. To quickly add structure with a soak-off product, we still recommend the Fibre Base Coat. If you are comfortable performing nail repairs with thinner viscosity products, then any of the Apex Build builders in a bottle would be suitable.

CLARITY - £16.50


Solutions for Nail Technicians trained in Hard Gel:

Speed Sculpt is undoubtedly the ultimate gel to have in your kit for repairs and corrections just like this. It's a thixotropic gel, meaning it doesn't run, and is ideally suited for services where you can work without forms.

Acrylic Gel is also a great option if you prefer working with acrylic gels, but you will need IP solutions and such, so it might take a few more minutes.

Both options file super easily, making them fabulous choices.



ACRYLIC GEL - ROSE PETAL 30gr - £15.00


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