With just one more day to go of the Gellifique 40% sale on sculpting products we would love to introduce the Acrylic Gel System. If you haven't tried the system yet then take the plunge today!

Acrylic gel is a fusion product that belongs in every nail tech's kit; made to give you incredible strength, unlimited time to perfect the shape and a long lasting nail extension as the result.

A cost effective solution for super strong nails. Available in 30 gr and 60 gr volume.

You don't need to purchase an expensive kit or a specialised slip solution to shape the product. Simply grab yourself our Antiseptic Surface Spray and decant into a pump bottle, then simply dip a brush of your choice and shape the product into the length and shape you need. You can use our dual ended Acrylic Gel Brush that comes with a handy spatula or simply use your regular gel brush.

Available in clear and a wide range of colours and shimmers, there is a shade for every client.

Use it like this 💁‍♀️💅🏻:

  • apply directly to the affected are to fix a broken nail or to add a missing nail corner for that perfect square shape
  • use Structure or Free Edge forms to create an extension in minutes even on bitten nails
  • use paper forms to sculpt length

shop all colours here
discover the full colour range here.

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