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We have made it even more simple for you to choose your sets by adding a handy column on the right of each set, listing the products with their images included. Now, rest assured that you will not end up with duplicate colours.

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Sets & Collections

At Gellifique® we offer a number of options tailored to suit your needs:

  • Sets - are a combination of complimenting colours that can be applied beautifully as a gradient
  • Trial Kits - handy 8 ml volume gel polish trial kit for those of you new to the Gellifique ® system
  • Collections - love a specific collection of limited edition colours? Get them as a collection while stock last
collections trial kits sets

New Sets

Choose from a selection of beautifully combined pastel shades. Your favourite hues for Spring with an average saving of £11.45.

PASTEL 2021 - £47.89

MEADOW - £47.89

April Favourites

Acrylic gel Cotton Candy in a soft, pink shade with fine shimmer has been a hit this month so far.


Acrylic Gel features:

  • Unlimited working time
  • Less atmospheric dust when filling
  • Practically odourless
  • No exothermic reaction
  • As tough as acrylics
  • Easy filling


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