The subject of gel nail products not curing correctly and its possible link to the rise in dermal allergies and related nail conditions has been repeatedly highlighted by industry experts such as Doug Schoon and Jim McConnell (Light Elegance).

This type of technical data was not something that was shared with customers in the past but better understanding of products has become crucially important.

So, lets take a look at how Gellifique tests it's products for curability. Kindly note, similarly to our US based colleagues, due to confidentiality reasons, we will not be able to disclose proprietary information regarding our testing methods. However, we will do our best to explain the process clearly and simply while busting a few myths.


UV/LED gel polish in its uncured state has "active ingredients". Once cured these ingredients are transformed into their finished state and resemble plastic.

Therefore, greater caution must be exercised while the product is in its liquid, pre - cured state as the chemicals within it are "active" and in contact with skin will irritate it and can cause an allergic reaction.

It is for this reason, all nail products contain a cautionary statement "avoid skin contact".

It has been proposed by industry experts that if a product is under cured and left on the natural nail it will gradually have a corrosive effect on the nail , causing it to become brittle and resulting in nail conditions such as nail separation.


Although, each formula is indeed unique, a number of various lamp models can fully cure a product but only if the device has the appropriate, technical specification. This part is very tricky, because these specifications are matched to the type and quantity of photoinitiators within the product formula.

This means that a lamp with x specifications will cure a product with the x amount of x chemical photoinitiator.

So for example, the Gellifique Pro Cure Lamp has the nm range of 365nm x 405nm which works to cure the photoinitiator we use in our formula.

You could theoretically purchase a lamp with these specs but the responsibly for the correctness of technical information for that device would be on the NT.


All tests are carried out independently in a laboratory setting, with a UKAS accreditation. Our products were applied and cured in the Gellifique Pro Cure Lamp for the recommended time. The cured material was then analyzed by state of the art machinery that determined it's chemical state before and after the cure. Test results have demonstrated that products were fully cured when analyzed.


  • GEL POLISH 30 sec. each coat
  • ACRYLIC GEL, BUILDER GEL, APEX GEL 60 sec. each coat

Please always use the Gellifique recommended lamp or purchase your device from a responsible supplier. Please update your device every 3 -6 months depending on how busy your salon is or immediately upon noticing any the following :

  • individual lights flashing
  • any product wrinkling or bubbling
  • any unusual / excessive tack after the recommended curing time

The above signs do not arise as a result of a technical issue but are typically a sign that the lamp has served its time and needs replacing. Our range of ongoing, professional discounts and flexible payment plans make it easy and affordable for the NT to update their device when required.


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