Preparing for the Movement: Increasing Nail Technician Pay

With the imminent national movement to bolster the average pay of nail technicians across the UK on April 8, 2024, we're here to equip you with essential insights to help you prepare.

A prevalent query has emerged: "How many nail sets can one bottle of gel produce?"

The notion of determining "how many sets can I get from 1 bottle of gel" in reality is very complex. It was TGB that popularised it in their marketing efforts to underscore the slightly larger volume of their 20 ml bottle, at a time when the standard was around 7 ml or 12 ml units.

In practice the amount of gel product utilised per service varies significantly based on factors such as the nail plate's size and length, the product's viscosity, and whether you're overlaying solely with brush-on builder gel or incorporating complementary products like builder gel or acrylic gel. As a result, quantifying usage "per set" becomes virtually impossible.

Here's some invaluable information to consider, which may serve as a rough guideline:

Drawing from data provided by the Scientific Cosmetics Committee, it is assumed that UV gel products are applied in quantities of 0.025g per area. So for a 10-finger application, you would use approximately 0.25g per service. However, this estimation may not be entirely practical, especially when factoring in the complexities of properly overlaying the nails with apex positioning and other nuances when working with builder gels.

Below, we've compiled a table offering a rough guide on product usage for natural nail overlays (up to 2mm free edge) based on their viscosity.

Smart Base / Apex Build Light Structure Builder Gel Speed Sculpt Gel
0.80 - 0.88g 1.20g 2.25g

Reducing Overheads: Strategies to Consider

At Gellifique, our core principle revolves around making quality products accessible and affordable. Since 2015, we've been offering kits, sets, bundles, and ongoing discounts to our loyal customers because we understand that bulk purchases reduce the cost per unit.

If you are looking to reduce your product overheads, we recommend:

  • Paying attention to the minimum order quantity for free delivery. Express delivery service costs almost £8, and an additional gel polish color is £10.99.
  • Purchasing in larger volumes saves you approximately 20% on average across all items simultaneously.
  • Prioritise items that are frequently used when making bulk purchases: top and base coats, sculpting products, lint-free wipes, nail files, and gel brushes.

Product Recommendations:

  • Bonder, also known as Dehydrator, is an essential item for people with hyperhidrosis.
  • Microcrystal Base Coat is an elastic base coat that can be used under any gel enhancement within our range to aid adhesion and prevent natural nail plate discoloration.
  • Clarity Smart Base is ideal for creating a structured manicure on individuals prone to allergies or sensitivities, such as those undergoing treatment or pregnant/lactating women who choose to wear gel enhancements.
  • Apex Build in colors Satin (nude pink) and Velour (nude).
  • Microcrystal Armour Top Coat is a tack-free, durable top coat with a super quick application due to its texture. The product also stops UV colour fading and discoloration.

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