Happy Sunday, everyone! Our usual Friday newsletter was postponed to today due to our special weekend product launch.

Some of you might have already spotted on our Instagram account, @gellifique_professional, the unveiling of our two brand new collections: Velvet Luxe and Spring Sakura.

These stunning six-color collections are currently available at a 15% discount using the code PREORDER for the next 48 hours. They will also be available as single shades starting around mid-February.

We're excited to announce that these collections are set to be ready and dispatched alongside your Apex Build pre - orders next week. Additionally, the pre-order option for Apex Build has been extended to include the same discount for the next 48 hours.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to grab these amazing products at a special discount!

What makes us different

Our professional nail technician clients adore our UV/LED gel nail system, thanks to its unique, honey-like texture. This texture boasts high self-leveling properties, facilitating a seamless and faster application. Moreover, our system stands out for its superior pigmentation and, most importantly, its fade-proof quality. This is achieved through a clever UV-blocking system that prevents any fading or color changes during wear.

VELVET LUXE - £65.94

Our exclusive gel polish range, available only as a set until mid-February 2024, features a sophisticated palette inspired by the rich depths of nature and the elegance of velvet. Indulge in the opulent shades of dark chocolate and earthy brown; lose yourself in the enigmatic allure of deep purple and forest green; and embrace the understated grace of muted wine red.



Discover the delicate beauty of our 'Spring Sakura' collection, an exclusive gel polish range that captures the essence of spring in six enchanting shades of pink. This collection, available only as a set until mid-February 2024, blooms with a spectrum ranging from the softest pastel pink to the most vivid bright hues. Each shade is inspired by the tender blossoms of the Sakura, reflecting the gentle yet vibrant spirit of springtime.


COTTON - £16.50


VELOUR - £16.50


TAFFETA - £16.50


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