Just as with the pH level in our Smart Base, we've certainly raised eyebrows by adding Vitamin E into a UV/LED curable nail product. However, the truth is, while Vitamin E gets encapsulated within the cured polymer matrix, it neither solidifies nor loses its inherent properties. Depending on the formulation, Vitamin E can offer benefits to the nail bed and surrounding areas over time. Given our goal for the Smart Base, the inclusion of a vitamin is a fantastic product enhancement aimed at helping the natural nail restore and improve over time.

If you are sitting on the fence regarding vitamin additives to nail products then here is a breakdown to some of the misconceptions:

Solidification during curing process

The curing process primarily involves the polymerization of the monomers and oligomers present in the nail gel formula, causing them to cross-link and form a solid, durable network. Additives like Vitamin E, which do not participate in this polymerization reaction, will not "solidify" in the same manner. Instead, they become dispersed or encapsulated within the resulting polymer matrix.

Benefits and their release

Over time, as the polymer matrix undergoes wear, interacts with other substances, or slowly degrades, some of the encapsulated Vitamin E can be released. This slow release can allow Vitamin E to interact with the nail bed and surrounding skin, providing its beneficial properties.

Beneficial properties to a non living tissue

Vitamin E is known for its moisturizing and antioxidant properties. While the actual nail plate (made of dead keratin cells) may not directly "absorb" or "utilize" Vitamin E, the surrounding nail bed, cuticles, and skin can benefit from its presence. Vitamin E can help combat oxidative stress, moisturize the area, and potentially improve overall nail health and appearance.

Formulation Factors

It's crucial to ensure that the Vitamin E is well-dispersed within the gel formula before curing. Since Vitamin E is oil-soluble, proper formulation techniques are necessary to ensure it remains stable and doesn't separate from the main product.

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