At Gellifique, we pride ourselves on being an SME that refuses to follow trends set by larger competitors. We believe our disruptive behavior has attracted considerable attention from the industry. Nevertheless, our focus remains on delivering exceptional quality and innovation in our UV/LED gel nail products. Today, let's talk about pH levels.

We understand that determining the pH level of our gels can be a unique challenge due to their non-aqueous nature. However, rest assured that for our Smart Base range, we have utilized effective techniques to assess the pH level of these products. By employing indicator dyes and pH-responsive polymers, we have successfully determined the pH level of our gels. This enables us to confidently claim that our products possess a balanced or less acidic pH level compared to typical brush-on builder formulations.

Our use of this terminology accurately reflects the diligent evaluation we conduct in the laboratory using reliable methods. We consciously avoid using terms like 'safer' in our advertising as we understand the importance of upholding the integrity of the nail industry and treating our competitors with respect. Instead, we aim to highlight the clear benefits of our products in a manner that is easily understood by our valued customers.

It is worth noting that manufacturers typically do not disclose or specify the pH level of UV/LED gel nail products because it is not a critical factor affecting their performance or application. Furthermore, testing the pH level requires specialized procedures that are not commonly conducted.

In light of this, we would like to emphasize once again the importance of industry specialists engaging in meaningful discussions regarding significant issues in the nail industry. Rather than continuously attacking other brands, we believe it is vital to address these real concerns and many others that have a substantial impact on the industry.

At Gellifique, our commitment remains unwavering in delivering high-quality, reliable, and responsibly formulated UV/LED gel nail products that not only meet but exceed your expectations. We strive to provide an enjoyable nail care experience that ensures your satisfaction.

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