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Amidst the allergy crisis and BBC media coverage of the issue, we at Gellifique have been working hard behind the scenes with our R&D department since 2020 to develop and launch BIAB product alternatives.

Many of our clients are aware of the breakthrough Gellifique testing methodology that we have created, allowing us to test virtually any cosmetic product without having to leave sunny Scotland. This testing has allowed us to clearly identify the traits and characteristics of other products on the market today.

Since we launched back in 2015 all of our products have always been lower acidity in comparison to the majority of our competitors ; well before regulations have began to change in 2021.

UV/LED gel products were laden with 2,3,4 types of methacrylic acids and high quantities of photo initiators to enhance adhesion and shorten cure time. Whilst our formulas were ALWAYS manufactured to avoid skin sensitization with correct application.

Step by step over the last few years we have been addressing the issues the nail industry has been dealing with since it fell in love with a brush on builder in a bottle.

The high heat spikes, quickly rising allergy incidents and the need for products that not just perform but safeguard public health.

Our initial release in response to the rise in allergies was the PRO CARE Smart Base with a pH level that is closest to the pH level of the natural nail plate. This targeted line is predominantly for people concerned with allergies to nail products and those with existing dermal allergies.


But as the nail industry evolves , regulations change and consumer demands are becoming much more specific we went back to the drawing board and will be bringing to you something truly special this June 2023.

APEX BUILD is a new generation product that will replace the original Apex Extend and Apex Strengthen systems. Here is why:

  • High adhesion product that will wear for up to 28 days
  • A durable product similar to Apex Extend that will allow to sculpt nail extension up to 2 mm
  • High viscosity ensures the product has a perfect texture to work with
  • Low heat formula
  • Hard structure that eliminates cracks on thin and soft nails
  • Cure time of 30 sec in LED
  • 100% HEMA monomer free
  • Available in full coverage colours
  • Made in UK with high quality ingredients
  • Affordable price point

We are delighted to be sharing this news with our loyal customers and any of our recent newsletter / blog subscribers. There is much to be excited about and rest assured that our prices will always remain fair. As we have always said our goal is to make high quality products accessible by professionals.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support and love for the brand! It is much appreciated by every single member of our team.

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