Debunking Myths: Manicure Tools and Hygiene

Is Titanium Coating More Hygienic?

Contrary to popular marketing claims, titanium coatings do not offer superior hygienic benefits:

  • Titanium, unlike materials like copper, does not possess inherent antimicrobial properties.
  • The cost associated with titanium-coated tools does not justify the hygiene benefits often advertised.
  • There is a lack of clinical studies validating the hygienic superiority of titanium-coated tools.

The Issue with Misleading Marketing

Acquiring high-quality tools is crucial, but their maintenance, including regular sanitisation and replacement, is equally important. But an overpriced tool is more difficult to replace within 6 months as the cost on tools alone would be an additional £212 per year.

Meanwhile, a dull tool not only compromises service quality but also poses safety risks. It's essential to note that while sanitising agents like Barbicide are effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens, they do not eliminate all types of harmful organisms, such as bacterial spores and prions, which require high-heat sterilisation for eradication.

Luxury nail manicure tools and those readily available on platforms like Amazon often feature colour coatings, which are susceptible to damage through high-heat sterilisation, compromising their aesthetic appeal.

Nail Files: The Porous Dilemma

Emery board nail files are inherently porous, capable of absorbing moisture along with particles and microorganisms, complicating their complete sanitisation. This characteristic, coupled with the challenges in ensuring thorough disinfection, underscores the recommendation for their single use in professional settings to prevent cross-contamination.

Once again, please do not fall victims to marketing tactics which are aimed at retailing additional sanitising agents for nail files.

For smaller nail salons, a cost-effective measure could be assigning individual nail files to each client, enhancing hygiene without incurring significant expenses.

Our commitment extends beyond providing top-notch products; we aim to empower our clients with the knowledge and resources to elevate their professional practice, ensuring safety and excellence in every service.

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