For those of you just joining the Gellifique brand or looking to understand more about the new, PRO CARE product line, here is a quick fact sheet.

Low Acid Formula

The biggest change is a research led, brand new formula. The product line is aimed at people with existing dermal intolerances. Our independent research has demonstrated that simply replacing one methacrylic acid with another does not make the product formula less irritating to a user with existing allergies.

Instead we have focused on developing a product that has a lower TOTAL acid content meaning that hopefully more people can get back to wearing UV/LED gel systems. Our testing abilities also allow us to significantly reduce chances of impurities within finished products.

Product Functionality

The product has targeted properties to strengthen and protect short to medium nail lengths. This will allow a customer to grow out their natural nails before switching to a hard gel. Eventually switching to a hard gel is best for long nails as it provides sufficient strength to the nail apex and stress zone.

The formula's low acid content does not impact product adhesion or longevity, making it a better alternative to regular BIAB for thin and brittle nails that are more susceptible to the negative impact of methacrylic acids, compared to a healthy and strong nails plate.

Expert Application

Correct application along with the condition of the natural nail plate play an important role in the adhesion and longevity of any product. Our team has tailored an application technique that works with most sculpting products, including the Smart Base from the Pro Care Range.

This technique guides you to apply product where it is needed and keep it at minimum in the softer parts of the nails which doesn't need to be overburdened with product.

Our technique ensures no chipping from the free edge, no lifting from the cuticle area and a beautiful, natural look nail shape.

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