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Published Jan. 7, 2022, 7:30 p.m.

To prep and prime the natural nail for product application we recommend using a product that enhances adhesion of nail products to the natural nail and a cleansing solution which has properties to dehydrate the natural nail to remove natural oils which can cause product lifting.


  • for application of Gellifique Apex Gel - Extend, Builder Gel, Sculpting Gel and Acrylic Gel
  • to etch the Gellifique Precision Quick Tips
  • to create smooth edges when using water decals


Primers are notorious for being irritating so we are glad to offer an option that does not contain HEMA or p - hydroxyanisole. Acid free primers have a number of advantages over primers containing acids, the most important advantages are:

  • less skin irritation (burning, stinging sensations as well as itching)
  • less odour

Pro Tip! Did you know that most primers and bonders loose their properties if the container is not closed correctly? So make sure to close the cap quickly and tightly after each product application.


Get Gellifique Acid Free Primer for just £2.99 instead of £9.89 when you spend £100 on Staleks drill bits, cuticle pushers / nippers or other accessories. This offer is also valid on any of the organic creams, soaps or scrubs from the Natura Siberica range.


An Acid Free Primer is sometimes also called Ultra Bond or double sided sticky tape. An acid free primer leaves a sticky residue that adheres perfectly to the natural nail plate and at the same time provides a perfect grip of the nail products applied, thereby acting as a double sided sticky tape.


The main function of a primer is to create microscopic dents in the natural nail to improve product adhesion. Therefore, it is very important to follow these tips for application:

  • avoid all contact with skin
  • applying too much product reduces its adhesive properties
  • nail enhancement products will follow the 'primer trail' so if your primer ran into the lateral nail folds make sure to clean it up prior to product application. Use a silicone tool or a lint free wipe
  • do not apply primer over the same areas repeatedly as this will lead to nail damage


This product ensure the nail surface is clean from debris as well as oils and other residues which can reduce product adhesion. The primary component of most dehydrators on the market today is Isopropyl Alcohol thus, using a multi purpose product like Gellifique Antiseptic Surface is a more cost effective option.



  1. once you have prepped the cuticle area and shaped your natural nail
  2. spray a lint free wipe with the Antiseptic Surface Spray and cleanse well the natural nail and cuticles
  3. follow with the Acid Free Primer avoiding all skin contact and applying all over the natural nail (sweep once over each area)
  4. leave for a few seconds to dry
  5. apply a Gellifique Microcrystal or Rubber Base coat

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