If you are in the market for a builder gel in a bottle formulated according to the latest developments in UV/LED cosmetic formulations, then you are in good company at Gellifique®. In 2023, we scrapped our original BIAB formulation to provide nail technicians with an easy-to-use product that prioritizes natural nail health without sacrificing product performance. Both products are made in the UK with high-quality, traceable raw materials imported from within Europe.

(Pictured above: Chiffon Smart Base).

We now offer two BIAB options: Apex Build and Smart Base. These products differ from one another in chemical composition, features, and performance.
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Smart Base

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  • A gentle, low-acid formula suitable for individuals with sensitivities or confirmed allergies. Please always refer to the ingredient list.
  • Enriched with an effective Vitamin E additive that remains potent post-polymerization process.
  • Colours exhibit a natural semi-sheer/medium finish.
  • Self-leveling with medium strengthening properties.
  • Exprect wear for up to 4 weeks (recommended infill time 2-3 weeks)

Apex Build

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  • Developed for clients without existing sensitivities and allergies, with an emphasis on maintaining natural nail health.
  • Colors are rich with medium to high coverage.
  • Self-leveling and extra strong.
  • Expect wear for up to 6 weeks (recommended infill time is 3-4 weeks).

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