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Following our Instagram post last week, a question arises: how much of the old product should you remove during a gel infill/re-balance, and why?

It seems that UK nail technicians are divided into two camps: those who remove all the product during an infill and those who don't remove enough. The latter group argues that they can still monitor the natural nail's condition because they use clear sculpting products.

However, in reality, it's crucial to remove the correct amount at every infill appointment. Like all things related to nails, problems accumulate over time, and most issues don't manifest within the first 3-4 months. It's typically after you've had regular customers for 6+ months that issues suddenly become apparent. Ironically, it's these loyal customers who struggle the most to accept any problems, leading to a breakdown in trust.

Therefore, it's vital for nail technicians to be aware of all potential pitfalls and always adopt a preventative approach that has a positive, lasting impact.

We recommend removing 80% of the gel at every single infill service. There are several reasons for this, both physical—pertaining to the natural nail plate—and chemical, related to the UV/LED gel nail products.

This month, in our subscription service, we will cover the following topics:

  • The impact of leftover product on the longevity of your next set.
  • How 100% removal of product at every appointment affects the most crucial layer of the natural nail plate, which ensures optimal adhesion with artificial products.
  • We will demonstrate our techniques for product removal at an infill appointment and correct removal of product lifting.
  • Go over top mistakes with nail prep liquids that can cause product lifting.

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