Using the complete gel system is important! It is concerning seeing tags to our Instagram account @gellifique_professional where customers tag their posts with # gel polish colour @magpie, top coat @gellifique and base coat @opi.

They are normally the same clients that email us a few months down the line wondering why their client's natural nails have began to yellow after using the Gellifique base coat with a colour from a different company or why the Gellifique gel polish colour changed shade when using a top coat from another brand?

For obvious reasons we have no idea why our products may not be compatible with another brand but either way as stated within your insurance "follow the manufacturers guidelines". This way you will truly get to experience the Gel System as a whole without any issues down the line.

Grab a summer saving

The code SUMMERMIX is valid until Sunday 14th of August 2022 T&Cs apply.

So if you have just began using our system this is a great opportunity to discover the full range or if you are our loyal customer it's time to stock up on the Rubber Base Coat 😏.

Our top and base coats are well known for their benefits. Lets take a look at a brief overview.


Rubber Top, Microcrystal or Armour

All of our top coats have enhanced UV protection meaning that the colours will not fade or yellow. They also have great strengthening properties and long lasting gloss.



Microcrystal Base Coat

A universal product that adds great adhesion for all other products.

  • gel polish manicure up to 3 weeks of wear
  • under all sculpting product
  • can be safely used for pedicure


Rubber Base Coat

Add longevity to any gel polish manicure service of 3 - 4 weeks without BIAB. Great adhesion with fantastic self - leveling properties. Available in two textures. Soak off.


Creative Top Coats

Discover a range of top coats with effects. Turn any shade into a soft pastel or add a range of glitters, foil flakes and unicorn shimmer with our set of Creative Top Coats.

2022 TOP COAT SET - £40.74

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