Hard builder gel is a perfect solution for thinned out natural nails. Why?

Damage to the natural nail can be caused not only by overfilling nails but also via ongoing soak offs.

  • Acetone is a harsh chemical substance that actually has a destructive effect on the skin's natural lipid barrier that protects the natural nail and skin around it
  • The dehydrating properties of acetone can over time cause the natural nail to become brittle and begin to take on a "tunnel" shape as it grows out, meaning that either way the clients will want an extension instead of an overlay
  • The soak off process itself is not recommended for people prone to sensitivities due to prolonged contact with gel in its chemically altered form

Opting for a hard product such as hard builder gel means you can infill the product for longer due to the product's staying power and resistance to chipping, cracking and peeling.

Our no. 1 selling shades

Lets check out top colours based on popularity amongst customers this month. Grab 15% off on all products with the discount code "SUMMERMIX".

Baby Pink
A chic, semi sheer pink that springs to mind when you think luxe mani.

A cheeky, dark pink that adds a pop of colour to a traditional french design or to be left as it is.

The staple cool nude with just the slightest peach tint to it.

The perfect sandy nude.

Milk Thistle
This milky shade is a great alternative to your typical cream or white. Semi sheer and closer to white than pink.

Mink Shimmer
A light mink grey with a beautiful gold shimmer.

The colour of strawberry delight and the first colour to be released back in 2020. What a stunner!

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