The product most eagerly anticipated by our customers is now here and available in three brand-new shades: Silk, Pink and Lace. Meanwhile, Apex Build in Clear will be available around 25th of October.

Preorder with code PREORDER for 15% off until this Sunday the 15th of October. T&Cs apply.

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(Silk, Satin and Lace)

Why Everyone Loves Apex Build:

  • Incredible longevity and adhesion.
  • It offers unparalleled strengthening properties for a soak-off builder gel product.
  • It's highly pigmented, meaning it strengthens and conceals the natural nail easily.
  • It has a unique texture that is more buttery and less gooey.

LACE - £16.50

A classic, milky pink shade in opaque coverage.


SILK - £16.50

A true peachy nude. No red undertone.


PINK - £16.50

A classic candy pink shade that has no purple or red undertone.


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