We know the hustle, passion, and work you pour into every manicure, and the consistent need for top-notch products to keep your game at its best. What if there was a way for your clients, friends, or family to appreciate your craft with something more than just words?

Introducing Gellifique® Gift Vouchers - the treat every nail technician would love to receive. Available in £30, £50, and £150 denominations, these are not just vouchers; they're gateways to premium nail products.

GIFT CARD £30 - £30.00

A Special Gift for the Talented and Hardworking Nail Technician in Your Life!


GIFT CARD £50 - £50.00


GIFT CARD £150 - £150.00


Why Wish for Gellifique® Vouchers

  • Investment in Quality: Did you know that nail technicians typically spend over £120 monthly on indispensable items? When someone gifts you a Gellifique® voucher, they're championing your commitment to quality, ensuring you have access to a brand that's stood strong for 8 years, offering top-tier UK-made products.

How To Use Your Voucher

  • Boundless Choices: Whether it's the latest shade or essential tools, redeem your voucher on ANY product, even those on sale or in the outlet!
  • Bulk Offers Galore: Planning a big haul? Combine your voucher with our bulk offers - 20% off on £250+ orders and a generous 30% off on £500+ purchases.

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