The nail industry has undergone significant changes in recent years. Much like the evolving Instagram algorithm, the landscape of this industry continually shifts. Manufacturers, retailers, and customers have been learning from past mistakes and adopting new technologies. These are challenging times, but they're also filled with excitement. There's an unprecedented eagerness among NTs to understand the intricacies of products, their formulations, and their application.

When we set out to make high-quality, professional UV/LED gel systems both affordable and accessible, we didn't prioritize establishing an educational facility. Why? Simply put, we understand how products work, and we don't believe in the existence of miracle products that necessitate "rebranding education." To us, such claims seem like marketing gimmicks. However, we recognize an oversight on our part: many truths and technical aspects about products aren't covered in the majority of available courses. This leaves many concepts open to interpretation. Moreover, a slew of confusing product names, terms, and marketing tactics have inundated the nail industry in recent years. This has left the newest generation of nail technicians (those who began pre/post-pandemic) feeling overwhelmed and focusing on less important aspects.

We're diligently working to establish Education for the Gellifique brand, but it's crucial for us to get it right. In the meantime, we're addressing some of the most pressing issues in our industry through our affordable educational subscription service available on Instagram.

If you haven't subscribed yet, here's a glimpse of what you've missed:

  • Understanding the hyponychium and its influence on nail shaping
  • BIAB: Debunking major and potentially harmful myths about soak (soft polymer, sculpting products)
  • Achieving a natural nail overlay using a dual sculpting technique with hard gels
  • Mastering the blueprint for a flawless French tip on any nail bed

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