We're thrilled to introduce our latest product: a slim, half-moon manicure nail file designed for refining artificial nails, product removal, and natural nail preparation. With a 100/180 grit, this file serves a dual purpose: the 100 grit side is ideal for refining artificial gel nails or removing product bulk during a gel infill, while the 180 grit side is perfect for shaping and preparation of natural nails.

HALF MOON ECO NAIL FILE 100/180 (6 pack) - £6.10


Constructed with a flexible wooden core in place of PVC, this file is almost 100% biodegradable, making it a more eco-friendly choice. It's designed for ease of use, ensuring there's minimal contact with the cuticle and surrounding skin. While the wooden core offers stability, it also maintains the file's slender profile. Plus, its abrasive surface is highly resistant to splitting, breaking, and shedding.

In the manicure industry, transitioning to single-use items can be challenging given the volume of clients we serve daily. Porous items like nail files, in particular, can be tough to sanitize thoroughly even with specific cleaning solutions. Dust can harbor a myriad of bacteria and fungi, making the transfer of a nail file from one client to another a potential health hazard.

Therefore, we always advocate for creating individual, reusable sets for each client or opting for single-use sets. Our new nail file, with its wooden core, not only enhances flexibility and durability but also promotes recycling. By choosing a wooden core over PVC, we're providing an environmentally responsible yet high-quality tool for your nail care needs.

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