All about primer

To prep and prime the natural nail for product application we recommend using a product that enhances adhesion of nail products to the natural nail and a cleansing solution which has properties to dehydrate the natural nail to remove natural oils which can cause product lifting.


  • for application of Gellifique Apex Gel - Extend, Builder Gel, Sculpting Gel and Acrylic Gel
  • to etch the Gellifique Precision Quick Tips
  • to create smooth edges when using water decals


Primers are notorious for being irritating so we are glad to offer an option that does not contain HEMA or p - hydroxyanisole. Acid free primers have a number of advantages over primers containing acids, the most important advantages are:

  • less skin irritation (burning, stinging sensations as well as itching)
  • less odour

Pro Tip! Did you know that most primers and bonders loose their properties if the container is not closed correctly? So make sure to close the cap quickly and tightly after each product application.


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An Acid Free Primer is sometimes also called Ultra Bond or double sided sticky tape. An acid free primer leaves a sticky residue that adheres perfectly to the natural nail plate and at the same time provides a perfect grip of the nail products applied, thereby acting as a double sided sticky tape.


The main function of a primer is to create microscopic dents in the natural nail to improve product adhesion. Therefore, it is very important to follow these tips for application:

  • avoid all contact with skin
  • applying too much product reduces its adhesive properties
  • nail enhancement products will follow the 'primer trail' so if your primer ran into the lateral nail folds make sure to clean it up prior to product application. Use a silicone tool or a lint free wipe
  • do not apply primer over the same areas repeatedly as this will lead to nail damage


This product ensure the nail surface is clean from debris as well as oils and other residues which can reduce product adhesion. The primary component of most dehydrators on the market today is Isopropyl Alcohol thus, using a multi purpose product like Gellifique Antiseptic Surface is a more cost effective option.



  1. once you have prepped the cuticle area and shaped your natural nail
  2. spray a lint free wipe with the Antiseptic Surface Spray and cleanse well the natural nail and cuticles
  3. follow with the Acid Free Primer avoiding all skin contact and applying all over the natural nail (sweep once over each area)
  4. leave for a few seconds to dry
  5. apply a Gellifique Microcrystal or Rubber Base coat

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Are you ready for fall 2021?

Have you ever wondered how new collection are selected?

Each season the team at Gellifique® re - examines its collection and looks for ways to enhance it, by ensuring that our customers are able to offer a colour chart to their clients that every, single client will love to pick colours from at their appointment.

We normally do this by looking at various colour groups and selecting hues that we are still missing as well as monitoring what the latest colour trends are. However, we never launch a colour simply because it is trending on social media or because our competitors have launched it.

The reason for this is that many "trending" colours are simply not flattering on many skin tones (particularly around this time of the year) and most importantly some of them may not be very safe. We know where each component that makes up our products comes from and so introducing a product that has a brand new type of glitter ( as seen trending on Instagram or TikTok) is simply too much research on our end to bother with for the sake of 5 colours that your clients will want to wear once for a Halloween party. We all know which colours we are referring to :) ....

To demonstrate how well the new colours fit into the existing Gellifique® colour pallette, we have selected 7 colour categories and swatched them into 6 colour pops creating a beautiful gradient.

We hope you find these swatches a useful colour guide when updating your collection for Fall 2021.

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From milky nude to soft beige our collection is made up of 20 classic colours . New arrivals are Almond Oil and Cafe Au Latte.

There can never be enough pink for your clients is there?? This season we launched - Rose Tan which fits in beautifully in the pastel colour group of pink hues. There are 27 products in this colour group at Gellifique®.

From soft beige to dark chocolate this 13 shade colour range at Gellifique® is ultra chic. The new colour Sandstone is a completely new , ultra flattering milk chocolate shade with its warm undertones.

Camo and military green is so in this season. Our brand new shade Jet Setter and Cool Camo compliment beautifully our existing range consisting of 18 shades.

All year round this colour category is always in demand and our new arrival Lavender is a stunner with no competition. 19 colours in this range.

A colour range that is very hard to fill with flattering colours. We think we have done a pretty good job so far and our new editions - Zest, Samba and Poppy are ultra flattering and so hot off the runway.

The easiest colour range to expand in our opinion as wine red is such a beautiful colour group that everyone adores. We anticipate the new arrivals - Exuberance and Vogue will be as popular as our top sellers Desire and Vino in this range.

Troubleshooting - neon gel colour


Seasons affect the choices your clients make and its a fact. Its highly unusual for a client to opt for a Cosmopolitan instead of Plum Pudding in December. So it only figures that we see a surge in sales for summer neon bright shades the second the first peep of sunlight appears.

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Troubleshooting Neons

Some of you may have experienced the unusual behaviour that neons can be notorious for. We will cover a few of these in a bit more detail below.

Our general recommendations are:

  • avoid mixing different gel systems at all times. There are so many gel formula variations on the market and often times products from different systems simply are not compatible on a chemical level. This impacts both aesthetically the finished design as well as its longevity. Most issue we see of systems reacting in a negative manner with one another is with neon shades, light (nude shades) as well as Matte Top Coats.

  • investing in two sets of UV/LED Top Coats to be used separately on dark and light shades to avoid pigment transfer that is difficult to spot before the product is cured.

  • ensuring your lamp is performing correctly to avoid "over curing" the colours.

Light yellow/orange discolouration

In this instance the culprit is most likely the Base Coat. This type of discolouration is normally a sign of a chemical reaction between the base and colour layer and is easily avoidable when the entire gel system is used together i.e.base, colour and top gel under the same brand.

If you are not able to change the base coat you can try removing the inhibition layer from the base coat after curing and before applying the gel colour . Also applying a thin coat of white or nude colour before applying the neon shade can help.

Loss of colour / fading

This issue can occur when the Top Coat used does not shield the colour enough from UV rays, thus causing it to fade. Gellifique® UV/LED Top Coat will protect the colour from fading from the UV rays. Try either the Microcrystal Top Coat or Microcrystal - Armour Top Coat (slightly thinner in texture).


Dark discolouration

This is a temporary issue which is most common with neon pink colours. The root of the problem is the properties of the fluorescent pigment. Fluorescent pigment during the curing process absorbs UV/LED light thereby becoming darker.

Just like if you iron a bright pink top you will notice that it becomes darker when you glide the hot iron over it and after a while it regains its brightness. The same thing happens with neon pink gel polish colour.

This discolouration can occur anytime between 24-48 hours after curing and typically disappears once the polymerisation process is completed within 24-48 hours. Some UV/LED lamps are known to cause this to happen more than others but either way it is important to remember that this effect is temporary.

To avoid and / or minimise this issue make sure to apply the UV/LED Top Coat in a thin layer and cure as recommended.

Recommendations to your clients

  • talk to your clients about the properties of Neon colours to avoid any panic post treatment
    *clients should avoid the use of sun beds for at least 48 hours after the nail service
  • clients should always use gloves for household activities to avoid contact with abrasives
  • clients should be aware of the fact that some of the skincare which they may use such as AHA exfoliants for example are also an abrasive

Choosing your gel brush


Choosing your perfect "partner in crime" isn't always easy - especially if you are a beginner so lets talk GEL BRUSHES.

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A quick brush guide

A perfect gel brush will assist you in reducing your service time and creating a desired overall result.

So what should you expect?

  1. When your brush arrives it will be coated with a special residue that is applied after production to protect the bristles. You must remove this residue completely before using the brush. All bristles should be aligned in the same direction and the tip should be well defined.
  2. The metallic / acrylic handle should also have an optimal weight for comfort and have a tight, even grip around the base of the brush bristles.
  3. For hard and soak off builder gel the most common type of material used in brushes is synthetic as natural bristles tend to absorb too much product.
  4. The synthetic bristles must have a specific type of thickness and hardness to ensure that it does not create dents in the extension or overlay you are creating. A professional quality gel brush will be manufactured with these aspects in mind.
  5. The length of the handle shouldn't be too long or thick and you should be able to have a good grip on it without it causing discomfort.

It is important to find a brush that YOU find the most comfortable in order to reduce strain during product application therefore, improving the overall quality of your work.

Tips for maintenance

  • keep all your nail art brushes away from UV/LED light
  • clean your brushes after each client with a brush cleanser
  • do not use acetone and other abrasive cleansers as these will harden the bristles
  • use brushes only for the intended purpose
  • do not soak your brushes in water or other solutions as it can damage the handle piece
  • dry your brushes at room temperature and facing downwards
  • do not cover a damp brush with the provided brush cap as it can affect the shape of the brush bristles and / or can cause deterioration
  • keep your brushes upright in a well ventilated area

Choose your "partner in crime"


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Size 6 Gel / Acrylic gel brush with spatula

2in1 GEL BRUSH (8mm / 9mm) - £9.99

Multi purpose, dual ended gel brush which can be used for sculpted French, overlay and application of gel polish. Narrower design (4mm) makes it easier to maneuver around the nail plate.

2in1 GEL BRUSH (10mm /11mm) - £9.99

The ultimate dual ended sculpting brush with longer length(10/11mm) and 6mm width

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